Update from Aunt Bean

Greetings from Bean Acres.
The cold temperatures have taken the last of the garden produce, but the unheated greenhouse (which is basically an 80 foot cold frame) is sheltering some fava bean plants that may make some flowers to gather over the winter.
The fava flowers seem to have a beneficial effect on anxiety problems. We started a patch of english lavender and ashwaghanda this year. The research on ashwaghanda seems very promising for PD.. I have been taking it in capsule form every other day for about 8 months.  Fresh root was dried  to start tincture, anything homemade is better, so time will tell.
I still am taking a black cumin seed oil capsule daily.  (Nigella Sativa L.)It is supposed to help all ailments. Also, daily taking a Lions Mane Mushroom capsule , which is supposed to help prevent neuron damage caused by amyloid -beta plaques. Boosts mental functioning and reduces memory loss, promotes nerve regeneration… Helps against depression ,anxiety and chronic inflammation.  It also helps control blood sugar levels and may reduce diabetic nerve pain in hands and feet. Certain types of cancer cells are killed and it can slow tumor growth. It also boosts the immune system.
Anyway, you all do your own research , if these things look promising to you….try one new thing at a time and give it a month. Take notes and see if you have  improvement. I noticed a change within a week of starting black cumin seed oil.
Well, that is my November 2019 report from Bean Acres. May God Bless and guide you as we move toward a new year,. 2020. It seems impossible, considering I never expected to see 2000.
God is good.  Eat good organic fruits and veggies,  get out in the sun and exercise. Smile, laugh , sing.
Love,    Aunt Bean

Farm Update from Aunt Bean

Hello from east Tennessee.

Aunt Bean here , working hard on the farm. We are trying to create a food forest// permaculture farm here.

I feel really good….eating a lot of okra and fresh fruits, berries, sweet peppers, egg plant, fresh organic eggs (not from here). Still do not have chickens.

Have about 100 trees planted now since spring. Some delicious apples of many varieties that I saved the see from in the Oct/ Nov/ Dec months are now trees nearly shoulder high on me. Three are as tall as me already. Others in poorer soil are still about a foot tall…and may not make it thru winter. Still have holes to dig and more of them to plant. My wrist and finger joints are tender from spreading tree mulch, but happy to finally have it to use..

The road crews cutting around power lines nearby have dropped it here 4 times and there is a mountain of wood mulch! Perhaps in a few years…you can come pick apples and other fruits and berries with me. God is so good.

By the way, I am still doing very well taking black cumin seed oil and recommend it highly. I have energy to keep going all day. Also taking a Lions Mane Mushroom capsule daily to regrow brain cells. Only need to take about 2 droppers of fava pod tincture daily. That dose has gone up and down several times since 2009…..at one point I took it 5 times a day before starting to eat a variety of nuts….the nuts are amazing and good snacks too!

May God Bless You all. Have a great day!

Aunt Bean

Fava Bean Sprouts

Question: How do you make the fava tincture if not a gardener and only have access to the beans? do you know of anyone that sells the fava tincture?

Reply: You really cannot make the fava tincture I use without access to fresh organic fava beans or growing the plants. You can make a tincture from sprouting the beans, but I would recommend using the sprouted beans to eat instead of tincturing them. Follow recipe in downloadable pamphlet from Robert’s site . When I did an experiment for a couple of days…. it took 15 sprouted /steamed favas (that I had put in ziplock bag in freezer) in the morning and about 6 more about 1:00 in the afternoon ( I think) to get me thru the day with enough L-dopa to function well.
After the favas are steamed, which only takes a couple minutes with fresh beans,( watch for skins starting to get a split in skin) cool them until easy to handle and pop them out of skins by squeezing gently. Fresh beans do not have the same L-dopa amount as sprouted and it may require a cup of them a day to supplement your L-dopa deficiency. I like the fresh beans as is , and like to saute’ onions and garlic and throw the cooked beans in at the end to flavor and warm them. Also to throw beaten eggs on top of the onions, garlic and favas. YUMMMY.

Question: How do you peel the fava bean-that seemed very cumbersome when i tried to do it…what is the time frame necessary to get it in the freezer to perverse the ldopa? Also, how do you serve eat the peeled steamed fava beans?

Reply: The sprouted beans are much more tedious to peel. I usually freeze them with the skins on and peel as needed. I think this also keeps them from getting freezer burn. But, they have much more L-dopa. We like grinding the sprouts after peeled and frozen into a flour and making no bake sprout balls. Hope this helps…

love and blessings! Aunt Bean


Fava Beans Farm Update

“Greetings from east Tennessee.

Things are going well here at Bean Acres. We are planting trees, all kinds of fruit, berries, kiwi, hazel nut, & new herbs. Even trying grafting trees this year.

I am taking a couple of new supplements…black cumin seed oil, and lithium orotate. I have good energy and working hard to get the farm orchard planted. It will soon be time to plant the summer garden plots.

Still doing fine on the fava tinctures and only take a dose when my symptoms present , sometimes just once a day. Other days, if a lot is going on , may take a dose 2 or 3 times (every day is so different). Each day is special.

God is so good. Blessings to you all.

Aunt Bean


Question for Aunt Bean:
On the G6pd test for favism you recommend – does a person who is not taking Parkinson’s medication need to also take this test before taking the fava bean tincture? Greg


If a person has never eaten fava beans…the G6pd blood test shows if you have or don’t have an enzyme deficiency that is very dangerous. It is a heredity condition and fairly rare. This condition is called favism and you can Google it.

Aunt Bean

Aunt Bean’s Breakfast


I tried to find Aunt Bean’s reciepe for breakfast. I could not find it. Could you please let me know what it is as I want to start incorporating those ingredient’s in my diet. I know she uses Hemp powder, yogurt, and ground flax seeds. There was one or two more items and I don’t recall what they are. I most likely will join to be a member the fist part of the month.

Thank you,

Aunt Bean;s update follows:

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


Aunt Bean’s breakfast has changed considerably . Now my breakfast consists of: Nuts that have been soaked overnight (1 Brazil nut , 2 bitter apricot pits , 4 almonds , 4 walnut halves,  5 cashews.  ) I rinse them several times and eat them. In a while , make eggs….usually saute’ onions and garlic and throw in 2 beaten eggs. For a treat, I’ll throw in fava beans sometimes.  About 10am , make a smoothie with almond milk, banana, fruit (either strawberries, or blueberries or raspberries or blackberries we grow on the farm and freeze), hemp seed Forgot, with the oatmeal…adding ground flax seeds
and protein powder. Delicious!  Occasionally, we have oatmeal with chopped apples, cranberries, nuts and plain organic yogurt.  Hope this helps…

Aunt Bean

Sprouting Fava Beans

What follows are several questions Aunt Bean answers about sprouting fava beans and making a fava bean tincture commercially.
Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Hi Aunt Bean: 

I am trying to help out a close friend with PD. My daughters are both herbalists so have training in making, etc. I have been helping people heal on various levels starting with my own issues, for many years.
My questions are:
1. Would sprouting fava beans have significant benefits?  I tend to think so but would have to be ongoing so investing in a sprouter would be worth it. Appreciate your thoughts.
2. The creating a tincture process seems like a good direction my daughter might be interested in, but it is drawn out. Has anyone you know dabbled commercially in making a fava tincture?
Thanks for all you given to many

Answer to questions from Sam

  Sprouting organic sproutable dry beans is very simple and requires no special equipment. In a large bowl Soak  2 Cups favas in 5 cups  water, enough to keep them covered for 24 hours (filtered water. )Then drain them into a colander (bowl with drain holes) . Pour back into large bowl and rinse well. Then, back into colander to drain. Do the rinse and drain 3 times a day until they begin to sprout well. Usually, this takes 3 to 4 days unless the beans are old or are a variety with very tough skins. Keep rinsing 3 times a day until they  sprout. Please read the downloadable pamphlets on how to sprout beans and suggestions how to process and eat them or use them to make sprout balls, etc.
I don’t know  of anyone making the Fava tincture commercially and wish someone would.
God bless and guide you  Sam in how to help your friend.

Aunt Bean

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Hi Aunt Bean
I am trying to help out a close friend with PD. My daughters are both herbalists so have training in making, etc. Ive been helping people heal on various levels starting with my own issues, for many years.
My questions are:
1. Would sprouting fava beans have significant benefits?  I tend to think so but would have to be ongoing so investing in a sprouter would be worth it. Appreciate your thoughts.
2. The creating a tincture process seems like a good direction my daughter might be interested in, but it is drawn out. Has anyone you know dabbled commercially in making a fava tincture?
Thanks for all you given to many
Sam LaTona

Eggplant Tincture?


I was talking to Robert Rodgers this week and just learned about this.  It’s too late in the season to grow my own but I can certainly purchase organic fava beans and try to sprout them..  wow!

Once upon a time RR interviewed someone who drank a lot of eggplant juice for the nicotine.  Have you ever tried tincturing eggplant? 

Many thanks



I never tried juicing egg plant, but I grow it and enjoy making humus from baked , pureed egg plant. Have also made it into vegie burgers , egg plant jerky , and Parmesan , and soup.
The person you heard speak about juicing was Glen Pettibone. He has done blog talk radio for Robert a few times. I do juice lightly steamed fava pods and use this to make dried l-dopa chips….very portable.
Depending where you are located, you may be able to grow a fall crop, starting the 1st  of July and the beans will start October 1 and go until you get below 26 degrees. I had a good fall crop here one time. (usually it gets too hot and dry for them in August and the weather turns cold for just a few days the end of October and kills them) So it is iffy at best. End of February or 1st of March is best time to plant them in east TN. May God Bless and  guide you.
Aunt Bean


Fava Beans

Fava Beans Question for Aunt Bean

Hi, I stumbled across your website today. Are the skins on the fava beans okay to eat and are there any nutrients in them? also if someone has already been taking the medicine for Parkinson’s Disease can they still use the fava beans? should they get off the medicine and just do a street diet with fava beans in it or should they stay on the medicine?
Thank you
The fava bean inner skins are ok to eat. Some people like them and some don’t.  The more mature the bean , the chewier they are.If you have never eaten fava beans, have a g6pd blood test done to make sure you do not have the enzyme deficiency that can be devistating if you have favism (look up on internet) A person taking PD meds can start slow on fava beans and if they help to relieve symptoms, you can very gradually cut back on meds. It is tricky and doctors won’t  usually know how to help you. If you overdose on beans, you might not notice. Keep a good journal of symptoms and when and how many beans eaten. Also when and type meds taken. Also other foods eaten. Everything comes together to be able to see the full picture. Put a special mark the times during the day when you really felt good. Some people can get completely off meds.. Fod Bless and guide you.
Aunt Bean



Farm Update from Aunt Bean


Farm Update from Aunt Bean

Greetings from east Tennessee. Aunt Bean is doing very well.  I am still soaking nuts to eat daily and that seemed to be a big missing link in my nutritional picture. My mandolin playing is still improving and we are still entertaining at local nursing homes. I have started  making puppets to strum the mandolin …it seems that my bear is the favorite for little children and the elderly. His name is “Bearstrum”  . It makes it a little more difficult to play because of the extra fur around my pick….but if I goof up,  just blame the bear!!
I’ve been into the seed catalogs and ordered already for spring planting. My favorite new plant from last year is toothache plant from Baker Creek Seeds….anyone out the that is a gardener should check this on out. It is amazing, and really works on toothaches, muscle pains, arthritis, etc..  A new must have plant on the farm. May God Bless You and grant you happiness and healing in 2018.
Love, Aunt Bean