Spring 2023 Farm Update

Well, it is almost May! Seems impossible…time goes so very fast.
The fava beans are growing well….almost time to take the tops off the tall stems that are about to flower. These I dry for the most potent brandy tincture for my PD symptoms. Doing this also discourages aphids and make the plants send out new stems from the bottom.
Fava flowers, if you have a lot make a good tincture to help with anxiety. Then, I wait for the beans to come on and shell out the inner bean and make tincture from the outer pods.
Last years crop was not good, it got really hot and dry fast. Hopefully this year will be better.
Our Ducks, rabbits, Chickens and goats are well and so is Aunt Bean. We welcome many visitors to the farm. The last ones were a couple from France. We really enjoyed their visit.
God bless, stay strong. We can beat back PD together!
Love, Aunt Bean

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