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First Fava Beans of the Fall

It’s August already and the very first of the fall Favas are beginning to emerge from out off the ground.  I am so thankful that at least some of them didn’t die in the terrible drought conditions we have experienced. I will know how many survived in about a week after more pop through the hard ground.

They are the most amazing plant I have ever seen.  So vigorous under such adverse conditions.  Just the way we have to be…

don’t give up..
keep pressing on…
bend with the wind and
become stronger day  by day.

A local health food store just got me in 25 lbs of organic, sproutable fava beans. The company didn’t know the variety, but all favas contain l-dopa … so it’s ok.  Certain ones might not do as well in our area, but we shall see! Just keep praying for rain for the farm.

If we can harvest enough tops, then I can dry them, and be able to sell them to people with PD along with instructions on how to make their own tincture at home.

I did harvest some grapes and am trying an experiment. I juiced the grapes thru a champion juicer. It “spit out” the seeds and skins. I dried them and placed them in a jar, covering them with brandy.  That will set for a month and be shaken daily (like the fava tincture)  We’ll see if it has any effect.

Will let you know if a good crop of Windsors comes up and when  the new beans are planted that we’ve been blessed with.

Aunt Bean