Medications Not Working Well


My father has Parkinson’s for the last 6-7 years and he is takin Sinemet and supplementing it with mucuna pruieins. Is there any way he can get off of his synthetic meds completely? He does not drink and does not smoke. His diet is a vegan one.
The mucuna powder only offers 50% relief and wares off every 2 hours or so. The Sinemet with entecapone lasts around 4-5 hours and gives 80 to 90% symptom relief.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Answer from Aunt Bean:

Good to hear that mucuna gives  some


There is something on the internet called favadopa that some people use. If you can get sproutable fava beans, they may help too. Check out the downloadable pamphlets here  for instructions on sprouting and steaming beans.

If you have not eaten fava beans before…it is a good idea to do a G6PD blood test to make sure favas are ok for you. Some people absolutely cannot use them because of a certain  enzyme deficiency that will make them detrimental instead of helpful to a person.
Then, if you find a natural thing that helps, you might start cutting back on pharmaceuticals very , very slowly in tiny increments working closely with your doctor. Never just drop PD meds because your body will react adversely. If possible, try to get your doctor to work with you. Well, I hope this will help you find your path to combating the symptoms of PD more naturally.

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