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Greetings from Bean Acres.
The cold temperatures have taken the last of the garden produce, but the unheated greenhouse (which is basically an 80 foot cold frame) is sheltering some fava bean plants that may make some flowers to gather over the winter.
The fava flowers seem to have a beneficial effect on anxiety problems. We started a patch of english lavender and ashwaghanda this year. The research on ashwaghanda seems very promising for PD.. I have been taking it in capsule form every other day for about 8 months.  Fresh root was dried  to start tincture, anything homemade is better, so time will tell.
I still am taking a black cumin seed oil capsule daily.  (Nigella Sativa L.)It is supposed to help all ailments. Also, daily taking a Lions Mane Mushroom capsule , which is supposed to help prevent neuron damage caused by amyloid -beta plaques. Boosts mental functioning and reduces memory loss, promotes nerve regeneration… Helps against depression ,anxiety and chronic inflammation.  It also helps control blood sugar levels and may reduce diabetic nerve pain in hands and feet. Certain types of cancer cells are killed and it can slow tumor growth. It also boosts the immune system.
Anyway, you all do your own research , if these things look promising to you….try one new thing at a time and give it a month. Take notes and see if you have  improvement. I noticed a change within a week of starting black cumin seed oil.
Well, that is my November 2019 report from Bean Acres. May God Bless and guide you as we move toward a new year,. 2020. It seems impossible, considering I never expected to see 2000.
God is good.  Eat good organic fruits and veggies,  get out in the sun and exercise. Smile, laugh , sing.
Love,    Aunt Bean

4 thoughts on “Update from Aunt Bean

  1. Hi Aunt Bean
    I have a question I was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease 2016 and was taking 7pills a day levodopa / Carbidopa .I was diagnosed on June 1 st 2020 I was told from the neuro doctor that I don’t have it so we tried weaning off fast I ended up in hospital with a strke, It has taken me 9 months to get down to 3 but the withdrawals are brutal I am lost on what to do do you have any suggestions Please call or email me 250-714-4771 leave message
    Debbie Salisbury

  2. Hi Debbie:

    My research reveals that the key is to wean off medications (if that is what you and your doctor have decided to do)
    very, very slowly. It can take many months or over a year to wean off medications successfully. Keep working with your
    doctor. The key is: reduce very, very slowly.


  3. Thank you for this service, it’s remarkable! My husband has been harvesting the fava beans for about a month now and we have eaten them with our meal about 20 times so far. Rather than eating the next crop we want to make a tincture to relieve my Parkinsons’s symptoms. However I can’t find any information on harvesting, preserving, which part of the plant to use, a recipe. I would be very grateful if you could help me. Regards

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