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Fava Beans Experiment

We have had quite a bit of cold weather already in East Tennessee.  It got
down below 25 already, but the fava beans in the field and greenhouse are
still alive and I picked tops again yesterday.

The fava bean plants in the unheated greenhouse had begun to put on a few small bean pods but they were ruined when the greenhouse temp dropped to 26 degrees…turned black inside and out.

The last kitchen experiment does not please me and I am starting another one today. I know that there is a way to make this work with kitchen grown plants. IN the last experiment I threw the dried plants in a blender with brandy to really chop and mix it good…but it has stayed muddy looking (tastes better than all the others I have tried, but I don’t think it is something that will have good keeping quality! If you don’t succeed…TRY, TRY AGAIN!).  Perhaps the 3rd time “will be the charm “as they used to say. I hope I have learned something from the last two fava beans experiments!

The seven adorable bunnies are growing like crazy and eating plantain and turnip greens/ grasses etc that I gather…don’t know if they are eating the pelleted rabbit food yet.

Still working inside the greenhouse ..making beds and working on an
inner hoop frame to cover with row cover for more sensitive plants (a
place where a light bulb could be hung at night to help keep temperatures
from dropping so low.

Lots to do as always.

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.


Aunt Bean.