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Tumeric For Parkinsons Disease

I attended an Organic Growers School on Saturday …. took a wonderful class on growing “turmeric for Parkinson’s Disease,” a herb that has a long growing season but is possible here in Tennessee with the greenhouse. This is an herb that I take daily to fight inflammation, arthritis and pain. Very excited about growing one more thing that we need and being able to purchase roots one time and then grow it every year.

I have 200 more fava bean seeds soaked and ready to plant this morning and need to dig a place for yet more. Hopefully the sun will come up soon so I can get out and get to work. The time changed Saturday nite and I didn’t notice when sunrise was Sunday (was up early hoping for around 6 AM and instead it is going to be closer 8 am.)…oh well …could have slept in!  We are supposed to have rain again today. For 2 months now the soil has not had a chance to dry out completely here…so I am still just using my mattock to clear
small places to be able to plant favas.

Later…got 400 favas planted (some not soaked , but  I was able to get more rows cleared and ready.Then it did come — a long rain.  My neck and shoulders are sore, but it was worth it. Grampa always said..hard work never killed anyone…and if something makes you sore…get out and do it again the next day!  I am more like him than anyone else in our family…and do tend to work myself almost past my limit. So thankful for the strength to get the job done.

God is good. We have so very much to be thankful for.  May you feel God’s love for you today

Aunt Bean