Farm Update from Aunt Bean

Hello from east Tennessee.

Aunt Bean here , working hard on the farm. We are trying to create a food forest// permaculture farm here.

I feel really good….eating a lot of okra and fresh fruits, berries, sweet peppers, egg plant, fresh organic eggs (not from here). Still do not have chickens.

Have about 100 trees planted now since spring. Some delicious apples of many varieties that I saved the see from in the Oct/ Nov/ Dec months are now trees nearly shoulder high on me. Three are as tall as me already. Others in poorer soil are still about a foot tall…and may not make it thru winter. Still have holes to dig and more of them to plant. My wrist and finger joints are tender from spreading tree mulch, but happy to finally have it to use..

The road crews cutting around power lines nearby have dropped it here 4 times and there is a mountain of wood mulch! Perhaps in a few years…you can come pick apples and other fruits and berries with me. God is so good.

By the way, I am still doing very well taking black cumin seed oil and recommend it highly. I have energy to keep going all day. Also taking a Lions Mane Mushroom capsule daily to regrow brain cells. Only need to take about 2 droppers of fava pod tincture daily. That dose has gone up and down several times since 2009… one point I took it 5 times a day before starting to eat a variety of nuts….the nuts are amazing and good snacks too!

May God Bless You all. Have a great day!

Aunt Bean

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