Fava Bean Tincture

Aunt Bean: May I ask if its not recommended to take Fava if you are taking Levodopa (synthetic dopamine)?

Yes, fava bean tincture can be taken with levodopa….you just have to make sure that you are not taking more dopamine than you need to function properly. It is a balancing act when using pharmaceuticals and everyone is different…so it is up to you as an individual on an hourly basis as to how much you need. I feel in my heart as a “citizen scientist and self imposed Guinea pig”, that if you take more than you need, your body will stop making it’s own. Also, that you will continually need more. Like in taking pain pills, etc…. always having to increase.  I test my dopamine levels by my symptoms and doing a finger tapping test. My left hand will slow down to nearly nothing when I am low….so does my mandolin playing.  So, my  sister…please always be careful, go slowly into any new “tests” of meds. Start low dose, not high , and work up to the bare minimum that makes you functional.  Find the foods that help you the most…..eat right, exercise and deep breathe in the warm sunshine. Laugh a lot and try not to get stressed about little things. Always count your blessing and try to help others. Foods that help me most are PAPAYA, fermented or fresh; blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, apples, eggs,  Nuts , green tomatoes, egg plant, sweet potatoes. I am mostly sugar free (I eat about 1/3 Cup ice cream a day) and definitely gluten free. 
May God Bless and Guide You, 
Aunt Bean

Sprouting Fava Beans

All about Sprouting Fava Beans for Dopamine

Aunt Bean:

I live in the city and got diagnosis of PD when it was already hot. Initially could not find any fresh fava beans at all & had difficulty finding dried beams.

Finally found some dried beams and started sprouting them.  What size of dried bean do you use?  Does size or the color of dried beans affect L-dopa amount?

The size and color of the fava beans does not matter,  though they will all have different amounts of L-dopa content. It would be best if you can find a source for the one you like best and use it consistently so each one does not effect your dopamine levels differently. You need to try to keep this as level as possible , and only take the smallest amount that you can to control symptoms. I think the more you take, the less your body thinks it needs to keep making and you want to just give it what it is lacking and not any more. If you are going the route of making food your medicine like I am….also supply it with nuts for thiamine, apples, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon and especially papaya (if you do not have a latex allergy) Gets lots of exercise and sunshine, breath deep , laugh, dance etc….

Recently found long fresh (6” or longer) Fava beans at vegetable stands and market but farmers growing season is almost over.

I am afraid I am using the wrong kind of dried  fava beans and preparing fresh and dried beans poorly. The beans I found are either small to medium sized with hull removed or large (1“ to 1 ½: long) with hull still intact. Have sprouted both but after 4 days most beans but not all have sprouted but no leaves.  Do I need to let the bean get a leaf?

A report sent to me by a researcher said that the 4th day of sprouting is generally the highest in dopamine content. Some varieties peak at day 3. *my guess is the ones that sprout a day before the others would peak first.  The beans do not need a leaf.

Dried FAVA BEANS : How I have been sprouting and processing:

1 –  Soaked beans for 24 hours

2 -  Rinse beans 2=4 times a day for 3-4 days (depended on when white , pointed sprout appeared)

3 –  rinsed hulled beans

4 – ?/ (you mention cutting away the bad parts.  Is that the black along the edges?)

5 – steamed raw beans for 4-6 minutes till tender.

6 – quick froze beans and then bagged for later use.

7 –  Eat/swallow 1/.4 to 1/2 beans as need for symptoms. This is good for me from ½ to 1½ hours.

How long can sprouts be kept without freezing or out of freezer? (mine seem to start going bad after 3-4 days in fridge)

In sprouting….after the final rinse.  Peel the beans, cut away black spots (beans should be white) they can have a light brown spot around where the little white point of the sprout emerges though, that’s ok.  Rinse beans again and steam for 5 minutes, not til tender (you will loose some dopamine). Freeze and eat as needed
I don’t understand eating 1/.4 to 1/2 bean  (Do you mean  :  1/2 a bean   or  1/2 an ounce   or 1/2 a cup?
You might keep a smaller bag of beans in freezer to keep from getting into the big one several times a day, or grind the beans and take out a tablespoon or what ever you need / or the amount you will use each day and put that in the refrigerator.


FRESH FAVA _ How I have been processing:

1 – Cut pods into 1” sections, include beans

2 – Steam pod lets for 6-10 minutes tender (fork  easily Penetrate)

3 – Quick freeze & then freeze & package in plastic bags

4 – Eat ¼ – ½ pieces of 1 ” pod periodically – seems to give quite a L-dopa rush if eat large piece, need to drink a lot of water

Sounds like your method is ok of processing them.  We like to remove the bean from the pod to enjoy with meals and they don’t have as much dopamine as sprouts or the pod. If you have a juicer, steaming the pods lightly until just bright green and then chilling them and juicing them works well. Then you don’t have the indigestible fibers. If the fiber don’t seem to bother you….that’s ok. With juicing them…you could freeze in ice cube trays and take out one and put in glass of water to sip on during the day as needed (keep  cold in fridge)   or  add ground flax seed or chia to thicken the juice and make “bean blobs” in the dehydrator about the size of a 1/2 teaspoon and dry them. We still freeze the blobs to keep them longer…up to a year and my friend only takes 1 or 2 a day.    I hope this helps you.

Thanks for your information.


You are welcome. God Bless you and guide you on your journey with PD.

Aunt Bean

Fava Beans Growing Season

I’m Belgian and I live in Romania for more than 25 years. Got PK 3 years ago,I refuse to use chemicals and until now just take mucuna pruirens powder for L-dopa. Seems that the fava beans are much better! My question is : where can I find seeds for that wonderful remedy? In order to begin also my self a little farm for that. Can we imagine to grow that all year long in covered solar construction? I’m new in gardening… Thank you for your answer,god bless you!

Answer from Aunt Bean
I don’t know the weather conditions in Romania. Fava bean plants like cool weather. Here in Tennessee, I plant in First of March and begin to harvest plant tops the first of May. Usually harvest the first beans the first of June. By the time July comes, the weather is too hot for them and they quit producing and need to be thrown in a compost pile. Sometimes they can be planted as a fall crop, but it is iffy….sometimes you get nothing for your effort in the fall if the cold weather comes too soon.
I don’t know if you are able to order seeds from America or not. There are several places to order organic Fava bean seeds here. There is a place called International Gourmet that ships canned beans and juice. It would be one way to see if the Fava beans help you before going to the effort of trying to grow them. They work for some people, but for others they don’t. So, I would try to answer these questions and then make a decision on the basis of how well they help you. Then consider your growing season. Hope this helps for now. Any questions are welcome.
God bless and guide you,
Aunt Bean 

Thiamine (B1) for Parkinson’s

 Aunt Bean is doing something a bit different, and it is helping a lot.  Now boosting thiamine(  B1)  by foods.  I soak a brazil nut , 5 cashews, 5 almonds, 5 pistachio,

2 bitter apricot pits ( seeds that look like small almonds)  , and a dried organic unsulfured apricot in filtered water overnight.  Then rinse them well in the morning and eat them.  I am taking my fava L-dopa tincture about once a day instead of 5 times a day  (and less of a dose). My body is functioning better/ my mandolin playing is 100% improved.
Here is an article about an Italian Dr. treating PD with high doses of thiamine.  http://easyhealthoptions.com/italian-doctor-curing-parkinsons-disease-with-thiamine/
I hope this information will help some of my brothers and sisters out there with PD….it has made a huge difference in my life since the first of February this year.
The gardens are looking good.  We planted 3 black raspberry canes this morning, The favas are looking good. Time to weed, hill and mulch them. I call it  “The bedding of the beans” ,a very special time for me for the last few years. I will have been using the L-dopa fava tincture now since October of 2009. So, they have been a big part of my life.  Eat well, exercise, get out in the sun, and play!
God Bless you.
Love ,  Aunt Bean

Fava Bean Sprouts

Using fava bean sprouts is the fastest way to get a usable L-dopa product to take.  If you are sprouting beans the fava bean sprouts have the most L-dopa at day 4 or 5 of sprouting. It seems to be most productive to soak beans for 24 hrs, then,  rinse and drain these 3 times a day for 4 more days. Then at that stage, break off any stem and set aside. Cut off any bad spots and peel the out-er skin off  of the bean to discard .  Then rinse the bean well and  steam them for 1 minute to destroy bad bacteria .
I would then put the beans and the tiny stems in a food processor and blend together  (or chop finely together) This you could dry into a powder to take.  Something else you could try is to freeze in a thin layer squeezed flat in a freezer zip lock and frozen , so he could use as needed, but it would keep fresh a long time.

We had good L-dopa source using the ground sprouts for “Sprout Balls”…recipe in the booklet downloadable here (Click on the Handbook on the right column here). My friend used about 8 of these a day for l- dopa supplementation.

The young leaves do not have much L-dopa…they can be eaten as salad by anyone without much effect. The buds for  at the top of the stems about the time that the first flowers begin to appear on the plant (approx. 5 weeks or so after planting and each stem will get one at the top). You have to harvest the bud ball at just the right time or it opens up and just looks like tiny leaves at the top of the stem. Ants and aphids are very attracted to this part of the plant and it is good to harvest it to make the plant send out new stems from the bottom (thus more buds) and for more bean production on more stems also.
As far as going to a farmers field to pick, make sure he doesn’t spray pesticides (that he grows them organically). Sprays will make people sick along with the bees and bugs.
All you will find in the field if he is harvesting are bean pods.  Any size pod is usable from very tiny to big. I would wash them. Open ones with bean inside and remove them for eating..(.they are delicious…need to be lightly steamed and taste like peas) Then juice the pods.  You can freeze juice in small containers or ice cube trays to use as drink or make the Bean blob recipe in the book from the juice,  adding something to thicken it like chia seeds or flax seeds ground, some salt or other seasonings you like . Line your dehydrator trays with parchment paper and drop your mixture in tiny blobs on the paper close together to dry. It works well to put mix in a zip lock bag , seal and cut off a time (like cake decorating bag)
The bean pods can be used for tincture, but you have to chop them very fine and use a press to squeeze the tincture out of them when the 4 weeks of shaking them in brandy are finished. We had to make something special to squeeze the brandy out without leaving a lot behind in the pods. Hope this helps
Love Aunt Bean

Thiamine as Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Just wanted to update you on what I have been doing lately  and it has changed PD symptoms immensely. We are very excited and want to share the news so it might help my brothers and sisters with PD also.

Since the middle of January, I have started eating more foods that were unusual for me ….I strongly believe that our food is our medicine and what we eat affects our whole body function.  I ordered raw Brazil Nuts/ raw cashews/ dried apricots and  bitter apricot kernels after reading about things that help cancer. Started soaking about 10 apricot kernels in water for about 12 hours , then rinsing and drying them well and putting them in a tiny glass container in the refrigerator.  In the morning, as a supplement to my normal diet , I eat one Brazil nut, 2 of the bitter apricot kernels and one dried apricot all together and try to chew them a long time. (The Brazil nut is big , so I start with it first, breaking it a little in my teeth before adding the apricot and kernels).
I am also eating a handful of raw cashew nuts and a handful of pistachio nuts daily. An apple a day and when possible , an avocado , also (price goes from .69 to $1.50 each on these, so I will buy them when they are under a $1.00 each). We are also buying kiwi fruit and enjoying them often. They are so good for you! I also added over a teaspoon of chia seeds a day and my bowels are moving better.


After a couple of weeks doing this. I started noticing that I wasn’t taking my homemade L-dopa tincture from fava beans as often. After a month, some days I only needed it one time (some days I don’t need any) It really varies a lot depending on the other foods I have eaten (especially, whether I have had egg plant and peppers sautéed with onions and garlic cooked up with morning eggs).

DIET DOES AFFECT US SO MUCH. I wasn’t sure why my new additions to my diet were affecting my PD symptoms so much. Then, a precious friend sent me this link to a Dr. in Italy using Thiamine (B1) for PD treatment…

Parkinsons vs thiamine

and it explained why I was so much better. Another friend found the link on thiamine and diabetes (I am also type 2 diabetic)

a study about thiamine and diabetes – most diabetics are thiamine deficient.
Anyway, my mandolin playing has improved so much, my ability to talk to strangers , and children. I am working on Bible based puppet shows and making puppets again (hadn’t done needlework, besides mending, for a very long time). I really didn’t think I could feel any better than I had been. Thought things were going very well….BUT, I am functioning much better now on much  less L-dopa supplementation.   So, I just wanted to encourage my brothers and sisters with PD to try these food sources of thiamine.
FARM NEWS: Managed to get a small area of the lower garden tilled before heavy rains and made into raised beds. After the rains, we easily planted 430 fava beans into these very soft raised beds on March the 2nd (first above ground planting day in March)  First time I’ve been on schedule in years. Still need to get another area tilled and planted in between rains this week. It’s hard work, and we stay so busy . God is good. Life is good.  Eat good organic food and exercise in the sunshine.  God bless you all.
Love,  Aunt Bean

Greetings from Bean Acres!

I hope everyone is staying warm this winter.
I am preparing to start a new pamphlet next week if time allows on gluten free cooking/baking recipes that I am using. People like the egg plant made into a dish prepared like fried green tomatoes the best. I make them into everything imaginable…vegie patties are my favorite to pull out of the freezer for a meal or snack (.making some right now) Just cooked up whole cranberries and apple pieces and thickened them with non-GMO cornstarch with a little stevia , cinnamon and lemon juice and a few drops of almond extract….after cooling ,also added broken walnut pieces on top…YUM.
Soaking beans today to plant more favas in the greenhouse tomorrow. Aunt Bean is well…still on the same supplements that I was using in the summer, but not getting near enough exercise in the cold weather. Just got out my dad’s old rowing machine and worked out for about 15 minutes this morning. It felt good and I will try to do this several times a day if possible. We must get sufficient exercise and super nutrition to fight PD. WE CAN WIN!!!
May God Bless and Guide you all. STAY STRONG
Aunt Bean

Fava Bean Tincture Preparation


Can the fava bean tincture be made without alcohol? I get migraines from alcohol and also it is processed in the body as sugar which is contraindicated to Lonnie Herman’s protocol.

What blood test did she say to have before using tinctures from fava beans

Thank you,



I think the tincture can only be made using brandy,  so it crosses the blood brain barrier, but if you put amount needed in a coffee cup and pour boiling water over it….the alcohol evaporates leaving the ldopa in the water. ldopa is water soluble.

Blood test is called G6PD.

Aunt Bean

Fava Bean Tincture

Do you know of anyone that sells the fava bean tincture?  My husband was
recently diagnosed with PD.  He is not taking any prescription meds as he is
concerned over the side effects and has heard the  longer one is on them the
less effective they are.



I don’t  know of anyone who sells the fava bean tincture. It gets harder every year to get enough made for myself. My fall crop….5 lbs of fava beans all died in severe heat and very dry weather. So, being a farmer, we are subject to good conditions and poor. Good crops and possibly no crop. There are companies that sell fava dopamine capsules,  but off hand I can’t  think of company names. You can buy organic dry fava beans that are sprout able and follow the recipe in the download -able booklet for sprouting the beans to eat, and for making fava sprout balls. Another option is to try mucuna puriens. You can purchase  them from many sources. They are also a bean that contain natural ldopa. Eating papaya also helps. Fermented papaya does even more…if you can’t  manage to ferment your own…it can be purchased under the brand FPP . It is a dry powder . I hope this helps and I have answered you questions. God Bless and guide you.


Aunt Bean

Preparation of Fava Beans for Parkinson’s

What follows are Aunt Beans answers to questions about fava beans. Questions are at the top followed by answers from Aunt Bean.

  Ordered five pounds of fava beans online. Now I have separated the beans from the pods and dehydrated the pods. Our questions:

1) Beans: Most are a light green color, others are close to white. Should we try to sprout these beans following your 4-day method, or just cook them via steaming? Does the color of the bean make a difference with respect its ability to sprout?

2) Pods: My plan is to put them in a food processor, chop up, then cover with brandy for a month. My wife wants to put some pods in a Vitamix and mix in some brandy and coconut water and then sip this. She also thought about Vitamixing pods and beans and brandy together. Do you think that will work?

Many thanks,

Carlene and Stan

Answers from Aunt Bean
“Since you have already dried the outside pods….yes, they can be covered with brandy and shook for a month. What I did this summer was skip the brandy and just powdered them in a food processor. This destroyed the non-digestible fibers in the pods so my system could handle them. Keeping this dry powder frozen will keep it’s L-dopa for at least 6 months. Keeping a  small jar in the refrigerator to use daily has worked out well for me. I just put about 1 1/2 teas. in  with my morning supplement bowl of: hemp protein powder, ground flax seeds,  papaya ferment that I have dried and powdered and plain yogurt. Oh, I also made my own grape seed extract this year by juicing the grapes and then drying and grinding the leftover seeds and skins. I put that in my supplement bowl also. Let the yogurt hydrate the contents for about 15 minutes…adding water if necessary as it gets dry as the powders soak up all the liquid. Don’t put this dry into your stomach …hydrate all powders well before eating.  If you put the pods into brandy…it is very hard to squeeze all the brandy back out of them and we had to have a press made to do it sufficiently because much was wasted .So, I suggest powdering them instead. This powder can also be added to foods anytime during the day…be creative with it…Smoothies/ cookies, etc.   
 As far as the inner beans go. The green ones are the best for eating. The ones the are whiter will be harder and less tasty to eat. They might sprout for you if they are mature enough. Try soaking them 24 hrs and then start the rinsing process in a colander 3 times a day until they sprout. If they don’t sprout…cook and eat like the green ones. I would steam and peel them before eating. If they do sprout for you…yes you can give them time to get a one leaf started to grow/ chop and tincture them for a small portable bottle to carry with you. I carry a tincture with me all the time, because my dopamine level can drop suddenly…the tincture gives me a quick recharge within a few minutes and my balance and gait come back to normal again. Sometimes I drop suddenly when playing music out somewhere and have to take some while performing. Not many people ask what I was doing when I take out my dropper bottle and squirt a couple droppers into my my mouth…but if someone does, I just explain to them that I have Parkinson’s disease and that it is my homemade supplement that takes care of my symptoms so that I can function normally.”
Aunt Bean