Fava Bean Sprouts

Question: How do you make the fava tincture if not a gardener and only have access to the beans? do you know of anyone that sells the fava tincture?

Reply: You really cannot make the fava tincture I use without access to fresh organic fava beans or growing the plants. You can make a tincture from sprouting the beans, but I would recommend using the sprouted beans to eat instead of tincturing them. Follow recipe in downloadable pamphlet from Robert’s site . When I did an experiment for a couple of days…. it took 15 sprouted /steamed favas (that I had put in ziplock bag in freezer) in the morning and about 6 more about 1:00 in the afternoon ( I think) to get me thru the day with enough L-dopa to function well.
After the favas are steamed, which only takes a couple minutes with fresh beans,( watch for skins starting to get a split in skin) cool them until easy to handle and pop them out of skins by squeezing gently. Fresh beans do not have the same L-dopa amount as sprouted and it may require a cup of them a day to supplement your L-dopa deficiency. I like the fresh beans as is , and like to saute’ onions and garlic and throw the cooked beans in at the end to flavor and warm them. Also to throw beaten eggs on top of the onions, garlic and favas. YUMMMY.

Question: How do you peel the fava bean-that seemed very cumbersome when i tried to do it…what is the time frame necessary to get it in the freezer to perverse the ldopa? Also, how do you serve eat the peeled steamed fava beans?

Reply: The sprouted beans are much more tedious to peel. I usually freeze them with the skins on and peel as needed. I think this also keeps them from getting freezer burn. But, they have much more L-dopa. We like grinding the sprouts after peeled and frozen into a flour and making no bake sprout balls. Hope this helps…

love and blessings! Aunt Bean


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  1. I am just learning about Fava beans for PD symptoms. What is the best kind to buy if wanting to increase one’s L-dopa levels? Sprouted vs unsprouted? Fresh vs dried? Thank you!

  2. The best way to get the most dopamine from the fava is to buy organic sproutable beans like for planting and sprout 2 cups at a time (following directions in the downloadable pamphlets on this site). If you can grow them outside…then you will have beans to eat, pods to juice or to tincture with brandy/ and the stem tops to tincture/ and flowers to tincture. But, most people cannot grow their own or do not have the space for a garden. So, sprouting seems the best solution.

    May God bless and guide you.

    Aunt Bean

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