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Nutrition for Parkinson’s

Here is a update on Aunt Bean’s farm where the focus is on Nutrition for Parkinson’s.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

I managed to get all the sweet potato vines pulled off and taters dug Fri and Sat…they are washed and curing on pallets in the greenhouse. Dad (now 87 yrs old) helped by hosing them off real good.

It is supposed to get in the 30’s tonight and tomorrow nite. Sweet peppers and fig tree are covered yet with fruit. Must begin to try to cover them today after church. The Fig tree is huge and it will be quite an undertaking that probably won’t work., but next winter, Lord willing…there will be a couple fig trees growing in the greenhouse …some folks get 2 crops a year that way. We’ll see if it works in an unheated greenhouse!

Was reading this week in Dr Laurie Mischley’s Book “Natural Therapies For Parkinson’s Disease (which I highly recommend!!!). I crave orange veggies and continuously make and EAT pumpkin pie…(sugar -free and healthy) &  usually eat baked sweet potatoes daily. I bake 4 or 5 at a time…washed and rubbed with olive oil and baked for an hour at 425 degrees, really big ones sometimes take longer/ This year I dug some as big around as a gallon milk jug! I expect they will take longer to bake. After baking, I just cool them & throw them in a container in the fridge for whenever I want them.

Anyway, PD patients need beta carotene’s to prevent and break up the accumulation of protein aggregates…very important if we want less symptoms. Sweet Potatoes, pumpkins, acorn squash,red & yellow sweet pepper, carrots and apricots, also high in carotene’s, have little fat and that fats make them work better in the body (Examples:  avocados, olive and sunflower oils, nuts and nut butters). I am really bad to grab a large spoonful of peanut butter to finish off a meal (which a lot of times consists of sweet potato and green beans and perhaps a homemade gluten-free muffin…then,  got to have my peanut butter (Smuckers Natural with no hyd.oil). Perhaps I am being good instead of bad eating my peanut butter!
Nutrition is so complex…but, our bodies will tell us what it needs if we but listen.

I know one thing for sure…I feel better now than I did for most of my life…..must be doing something right.

God Bless You.

Have a great day and eat your orange veggies and peanut butter!

Aunt Bean