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Eating Watermelons Fights Parkinson’s Symptoms

Back at the farm things are going very well. I mentioned one time that I felt eating watermelon helps fight my Parkinson’s symptoms. Well, I am sure that they do now.

Our watermelons are almost gone (2 left). I took a two  week break without eating any to see if there would be a change or not. Well, there was. I had to go back to taking my tincture made from fava bean tops several times a day again. When eating watermelons, I hardly ever needed to take a dose of my tincture and then only a very small one occasionally. After a 2 week break, I cut into another watermelon and ate it two days in a row and was back to needing very little support again!!! Pretty cool. This needs studies I think.

A friend who is also going non-prescription l-dopa (using fava & Mucuna) and making her own fermented dried papaya like I do took a container of watermelon to work with her one day and just kept snacking on it. She skipped two doses of l-dopa and didn’t realize it until she was ready to go home for the day. That confirmed to me that it would help other people too.

I purchased a very tiny fig tree at a farmers market in spring and just ate my first figs the other day. It is beautiful and has grown to taller than me. My one main problem now is still constipation and I am still looking for a very natural remedy for this…perhaps figs??? I hope.

The greenhouse supports are up but it still has a long way to go to be under cover. Pray I can protect my young papaya trees somehow and not loose a whole year starting new ones again. Papaya leaves are even good against cancer….the more I study about them, the more anxious I am to see if they can be grown here. [P.S. Don’t use papaya if you have a latex allergy!]

I started a fava bean tincture with fava bean sprouts and it will be finished by next week. We are all very anxious to see if this will work or not. If so, anyone can make their own l-dopa support and not have to grow a garden. I will report again as soon as this experiment is tested on the “white rat”…

God Bless You All

Aunt Bean

This is the first report of a how eating watermelons fights Parkinson’s symptoms after five years of research on Parkinson’s. One possible explanation for the beneficial watermelon effect reported bu Aunt Bean is that eating watermelon naturally hydrates the body. When our bodies are adequately hydrated we are able to remove the toxins and wastes that accumulate within the tissues of the body.

I have heard a number of reports from people with symptoms of Parkinson’s that when they hydrate their body, their symptoms are reduced significantly.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease



Good Hydration Makes a Huge Difference

I forgot to mention that I am enjoying the elbow are not brittle now, the dry skin on my feet is going away, my eyes are moist, not dry and agravating and I am actually wanting to drink water again. Haven’t wanted it for quite a while.  Mentioned them on Neurotalk and have already had an inquirey about it….so you may hear from more people with PD

Take care

Aunt Bean