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Recipe for Fava Beans Sprout Balls

It is easy to make fava beans sprout balls. Purchase organic sprout-able fava beans. In a bowl soak 2 cups dry fava beans in 5 cups of filtered water for 12 to 24 hrs. Then, rinse and drain for 3 days. Peel the outer rubbery skins off. Rinse again being careful not to brake off sprouts.

CUT AWAY ANY BAD SPOTS..and discard. They should be nearly white and pretty. Then steam for 6 minutes (about a cup at a time). They are ready to eat at this point or make them into sprout balls or freeze as is and eat as needed.

1 sprout = approx 2 mg l-dopa

Ingredients for Fava Beans Sprout Balls:

Warm 3/4 Cup Stevia Tea (recipe below)
Add one 16 oz jar natural Smuckers Peanut Butter (without hydrogenated oil)
2 TBS sorghum molasses
1/4 teaspoon sea salt

Add 1 Cup ground raw pumpkin seeds and a little ground oatmeal to help stick it together. Ground pumpkin seeds help with tremors also.

Add finely mashed steamed fava sprouts. This reduces the need for other ingredients if a lot were bad.

Mix well. Form into one inch bite size balls. Freeze in single layers in a container with wax paper between layers or in ziplock bags for easy access.

I now eat 2 to 3  fava beans sprout balls a day in addition to taking my tincture from the tops of fava beans.

Recipe for STEVIA TEA:

Use dried stevia leaves or powder. Herbal Advantage carries them. Place 2 teas crushed leaves or powder in a 16 oz jar. Fill jar with boiling water. Cover steep 20 min to make tea. Strain. Use liquid as a sweetener replacement in recipees.


God Bless………….

Happy sprouting

Aunt Bean