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Natural L-Dopa

Dear Aunt bean ,

First i should thank you so much for helping to people with PD. I live in Iran and i have access easily to fresh fava . I am interested to make a tincture from fava pods for more L-dopa.i understand almost all of method , but need your help yet. Steps are :

1- remove beans from pods , and gather pods enough.
2- steam them by a device for example steam cooker to pods begin changing in
3- dry them , by a fruit drier .

Is it ok ? or i should to add brandy ?

Best Regards

I would steam the pods and then juice them to remove the indigestible fibers and make pod chips (bean blobs) according to recipe on pamphlet that is downloadable by clicking on the image on the top right of this page. They work well to supply extra l-dopa.

Hope this helps.

Sincerely ,
Aunt Bean