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I tried to find Aunt Bean’s reciepe for breakfast. I could not find it. Could you please let me know what it is as I want to start incorporating those ingredient’s in my diet. I know she uses Hemp powder, yogurt, and ground flax seeds. There was one or two more items and I don’t recall what they are. I most likely will join to be a member the fist part of the month.

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Aunt Bean;s update follows:

Robert Rodgers PhD
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Aunt Bean’s breakfast has changed considerably . Now my breakfast consists of: Nuts that have been soaked overnight (1 Brazil nut , 2 bitter apricot pits , 4 almonds , 4 walnut halves,  5 cashews.  ) I rinse them several times and eat them. In a while , make eggs….usually saute’ onions and garlic and throw in 2 beaten eggs. For a treat, I’ll throw in fava beans sometimes.  About 10am , make a smoothie with almond milk, banana, fruit (either strawberries, or blueberries or raspberries or blackberries we grow on the farm and freeze), hemp seed Forgot, with the oatmeal…adding ground flax seeds
and protein powder. Delicious!  Occasionally, we have oatmeal with chopped apples, cranberries, nuts and plain organic yogurt.  Hope this helps…

Aunt Bean

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