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Asparagus Beans

We are harvesting now the most fun asparagus beans that I have ever grown. It is a yard long purple podded asparagus pole  bean . They are beautiful hanging on the bamboo fence dad and I  constructed for them and they seem to double their size in just a couple of days. They are tender and buttery flavored to me. Easy to prepare, no strings.  We have eaten them steamed, stir  fried,  in place of spaghetti noodles with sauce and cheese over them , and today I made a cream sauce with sauteed garlic and leeks and poured that over them….YUMMY

This bean is a seed savers’ delight…If you miss a bean it grows into a really huge bean with developing seeds….a neighbor commented today that they look like purple snakes coming out of the foliage and bamboo. These beans even grow faster than zuchini…which in a few days time can become a baseball bat!  . Aunt Beans favorite new vegie
of the year….it even stays purple when cooked.   OH, it’s so Good!

Aunt Bean