Bean Acres Farm Update

Bean Acres Farm has changed a bit this year. We have 2 female goats, which we hope are bred. I had the blessing of milking one of them for 5 months and enjoying fresh warm raw milk and making farmers cheese when there was any extra. After breeding…she decided it was time to “wean me” and take a break from milking twice a day. Oh, how we look forward to spring “kids” and fresh milk again. We also have muskovy ducks, chickens and rabbits. We also have 3 outside cats and just adopted an 8 year old shitzu dog  . Now we are working on revamping the greenhouse area for starting seed trays and making a shaded greenhouse area for mushrooms. We inoculated logs with Lions Mane spawn and are hoping that they will produce next year.

I am still on no pharmaceuticals meds for Parkinsons, but still use the fava pod tincture made from growing our own organic fava beans to control my symptoms.  There is no need for a gym membership here, for I am busy from daylight until dark.

Still doing research on herbs that help symptoms, trying out new gluten free recipes,  playing music and entertaining with my husband at nursing homes. God is good.

Blessings to you all with love,

Aunt Bean

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