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Fava Beans Question for Aunt Bean

Hi, I stumbled across your website today. Are the skins on the fava beans okay to eat and are there any nutrients in them? also if someone has already been taking the medicine for Parkinson’s Disease can they still use the fava beans? should they get off the medicine and just do a street diet with fava beans in it or should they stay on the medicine?
Thank you
The fava bean inner skins are ok to eat. Some people like them and some don’t.  The more mature the bean , the chewier they are.If you have never eaten fava beans, have a g6pd blood test done to make sure you do not have the enzyme deficiency that can be devistating if you have favism (look up on internet) A person taking PD meds can start slow on fava beans and if they help to relieve symptoms, you can very gradually cut back on meds. It is tricky and doctors won’t  usually know how to help you. If you overdose on beans, you might not notice. Keep a good journal of symptoms and when and how many beans eaten. Also when and type meds taken. Also other foods eaten. Everything comes together to be able to see the full picture. Put a special mark the times during the day when you really felt good. Some people can get completely off meds.. Fod Bless and guide you.
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