Thiamine (B1) for Parkinson’s

 Aunt Bean is doing something a bit different, and it is helping a lot.  Now boosting thiamine(  B1)  by foods.  I soak a brazil nut , 5 cashews, 5 almonds, 5 pistachio,

2 bitter apricot pits ( seeds that look like small almonds)  , and a dried organic unsulfured apricot in filtered water overnight.  Then rinse them well in the morning and eat them.  I am taking my fava L-dopa tincture about once a day instead of 5 times a day  (and less of a dose). My body is functioning better/ my mandolin playing is 100% improved.
Here is an article about an Italian Dr. treating PD with high doses of thiamine.
I hope this information will help some of my brothers and sisters out there with PD….it has made a huge difference in my life since the first of February this year.
The gardens are looking good.  We planted 3 black raspberry canes this morning, The favas are looking good. Time to weed, hill and mulch them. I call it  “The bedding of the beans” ,a very special time for me for the last few years. I will have been using the L-dopa fava tincture now since October of 2009. So, they have been a big part of my life.  Eat well, exercise, get out in the sun, and play!
God Bless you.
Love ,  Aunt Bean

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