Fava Beans Growing Season

I’m Belgian and I live in Romania for more than 25 years. Got PK 3 years ago,I refuse to use chemicals and until now just take mucuna pruirens powder for L-dopa. Seems that the fava beans are much better! My question is : where can I find seeds for that wonderful remedy? In order to begin also my self a little farm for that. Can we imagine to grow that all year long in covered solar construction? I’m new in gardening… Thank you for your answer,god bless you!

Answer from Aunt Bean
I don’t know the weather conditions in Romania. Fava bean plants like cool weather. Here in Tennessee, I plant in First of March and begin to harvest plant tops the first of May. Usually harvest the first beans the first of June. By the time July comes, the weather is too hot for them and they quit producing and need to be thrown in a compost pile. Sometimes they can be planted as a fall crop, but it is iffy….sometimes you get nothing for your effort in the fall if the cold weather comes too soon.
I don’t know if you are able to order seeds from America or not. There are several places to order organic Fava bean seeds here. There is a place called International Gourmet that ships canned beans and juice. It would be one way to see if the Fava beans help you before going to the effort of trying to grow them. They work for some people, but for others they don’t. So, I would try to answer these questions and then make a decision on the basis of how well they help you. Then consider your growing season. Hope this helps for now. Any questions are welcome.
God bless and guide you,
Aunt Bean 

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  1. Je suis du même avis , j’ai arrêté tout médicaments allopathiques par une nourriture choisie pour soigner avant tout mon cerveau. Je retrouve dans mon régime les compléments que vous citez dans votre commentaire et depuis deux ans ma Parkinson est sous silence. Merci à vous pour tous ces détails précieux.
    Portez vous bien.

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