Eggplant Tincture?


I was talking to Robert Rodgers this week and just learned about this.  It’s too late in the season to grow my own but I can certainly purchase organic fava beans and try to sprout them..  wow!

Once upon a time RR interviewed someone who drank a lot of eggplant juice for the nicotine.  Have you ever tried tincturing eggplant? 

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I never tried juicing egg plant, but I grow it and enjoy making humus from baked , pureed egg plant. Have also made it into vegie burgers , egg plant jerky , and Parmesan , and soup.
The person you heard speak about juicing was Glen Pettibone. He has done blog talk radio for Robert a few times. I do juice lightly steamed fava pods and use this to make dried l-dopa chips….very portable.
Depending where you are located, you may be able to grow a fall crop, starting the 1st  of July and the beans will start October 1 and go until you get below 26 degrees. I had a good fall crop here one time. (usually it gets too hot and dry for them in August and the weather turns cold for just a few days the end of October and kills them) So it is iffy at best. End of February or 1st of March is best time to plant them in east TN. May God Bless and  guide you.
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  1. Thanks! So much to learn! I am in Silver Spring MD so may try July planting. Up in the air about moving to south Louisiana to be w my mother who also has PD in which case probably September or oct planting.

    I am currently trying to figure out what to do with my sprouts. Today is day 4 including soaking. Most but not all have sprouted. Somewhere you say to steam them now for 4-5 mins, freeze, and consume as needed, 1/2 to 1/4 bean at a time. I’m impatient so may try this.

    Somewhere else you say to wait till day 5 then peel, remove bad spots, then steam for one minute and grind into powder and use in recipes. Then there’s tincture etc.

    What’s a girl to do w so many choices?

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