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Fava Bean Tincture

Aunt Bean: May I ask if its not recommended to take Fava if you are taking Levodopa (synthetic dopamine)?

Yes, fava bean tincture can be taken with levodopa….you just have to make sure that you are not taking more dopamine than you need to function properly. It is a balancing act when using pharmaceuticals and everyone is different…so it is up to you as an individual on an hourly basis as to how much you need. I feel in my heart as a “citizen scientist and self imposed Guinea pig”, that if you take more than you need, your body will stop making it’s own. Also, that you will continually need more. Like in taking pain pills, etc…. always having to increase.  I test my dopamine levels by my symptoms and doing a finger tapping test. My left hand will slow down to nearly nothing when I am low….so does my mandolin playing.  So, my  sister…please always be careful, go slowly into any new “tests” of meds. Start low dose, not high , and work up to the bare minimum that makes you functional.  Find the foods that help you the most…..eat right, exercise and deep breathe in the warm sunshine. Laugh a lot and try not to get stressed about little things. Always count your blessing and try to help others. Foods that help me most are PAPAYA, fermented or fresh; blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, apples, eggs,  Nuts , green tomatoes, egg plant, sweet potatoes. I am mostly sugar free (I eat about 1/3 Cup ice cream a day) and definitely gluten free. 
May God Bless and Guide You, 
Aunt Bean