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Summer Farm Update

An exciting week at the farm.  “Bean Acres”  is in the process of getting an 80 foot greenhouse put up in a portion of the garden area.  It was given to us by a neighbor, but we had to pay for getting it disassembled and then put back up again.  They only had to move it down our driveway….but it all had to come apart first.  We will have to purchase a new plastic covering. … and new treated timbers for a few places, carriage bolts, etc.  that had to be sewn off to get it apart. (There is still a list of things to head to the store for.) It will be in the neighborhood of $1,300 (perhaps more) before it is completed again.

I pray it will be able to feed us year round and solar dehydrate food in quantities that are impossible in my little electric dehydrator.I have baby papaya trees growing, that will hopefully supply us with organically grown papayas to make “fermented papaya chips” that really have been wonderful against my PD symptoms.  They seem to have helped my 85 yr old father’s balance , also!

I have just planted a couple of raised beds with favas and hope to plant more in a couple of weeks.  We are harvesting green beans and cucumbers, rhubarb and beets right now….corn soon.

The farm is a lot of work, but I hope in the years to come it will be a blessing and inspiration to many people

God is good.   He has brought many people into my life that have helped to set the course to keep my PD under control…I thank Him for each one of them and pray that I can pass on these blessings to others.


PD Support Group Meeting happenning

At our local support group meeting on 3/16  one of the members “froze-up “and was unable to hardly walk with help.  He stretched his arms with help up to the doorframe and let his feet dangle…in a few seconds he was able to walk freely again…..the “monkey” was off his back!

He seems to have the same results I get from stretching my back muscles beyond the normal range. I wonder if along with the tightness & pain, that there is an energy flow blockage that occurs in our spinal column that inhibits movement??  I need to ask him next meeting if he has also had spinal injuries..(I sure did!)   .Will keep you updated on this>

Fava Research Farm update 3/17

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you all. We had a PD Support Group meeting last nite and are planning our June get-to-gether at the farm. Everyone is excited about the research. The husband of a PD patient has volunteered to help disk up more of the ground dad plowed with the tractor. He has been unable to work, because of taking care of his wife…and is bored. They can both come to the farm ,enjoy the country and I can work with her while he helps dad….sounds good to me. I am hoping to start soaking fava seeds  the end of next week. Lord willing, the first ones will go in the ground March 29th.