Bone Strengthening Broth

There is a recipe for Bone Strengthening Broth on pg 341 of the book GREEN PHARMACY by James A. Duke, Ph.D. This is the book I came across when looking for natural food therapy for Parkinsons back in 2009.  That book started us on the trail of fava beans! How I wish I could thank him for all his research, that in turn prompted all of mine…and my good health now.

The recipe says to tie fish bones in a cloth bag (cheesecloth ok) and bring them to a boil in a large pot of water then simmer 30 minutes, add to this lots of veggies and  “greens” (Cabbage, dandelion greens, pigweed, purslane) and stinging nettle…which most people will not find growing in their yard…if you do have it…wear gloves to harvest and chop…they lose their sting when cooked and are highly nutritious. I am  sure you can add mustard greens spinach , etc in place of these things you may not have
availability to go hunting for.

Chop fine  & simmer til greens are tender. Remove fish bones and season as desired.

Serve as soup or base for soup beans. Thank you Dr Duke.

God Bless

Love ,

Aunt Bean

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