Fava Beans Sprout Balls

I have a quick question on the instructions you posted for making sprout balls.

I’ve taken the 2 cups of fava beans and covered with filtered water for 24 hours. Now it says to “rinse & drain for 3 days”. Should water be added back with each rinse & drain cycle or should the beans set with no water while waiting for the next days rinse & drain?

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I am so glad that a few people are trying to take charge of their lives and making an effort to reduce side effects from medications. When sprouting any seeds…. soak, then rinse beans until the water is clear (sometimes takes several rinses).  Then, drain beans completely. If you can’t get all the water off in the bowl you are using, gently pour beans into a colander after rinsing to drain so they are not standing in a puddle of old water for hours.  Then rinse again mid day & drain. Repeat again at night before going to bed.
In three days or before  you will start to see sprouting. It is so exciting for me …. even though I’ve done it over and over hundreds of times. After 3 full days of rinsing & draining they are ready to PEEL/ RINSE/ STEAM & eat or freeze or make the wonderful little Sprout  Balls.

Feel free to taste as you mix the ingredients and add whatever you enjoy. My girlfriend adds a lot more molasses. You might like date sugar or whatever…play with the taste.    We eat them frozen. Just pop in your mouth and let melt..yummy !

God bless!

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