Fava Beans Farm Update

Greetings from Bean Acres in East Tennessee . It has been pretty cold here already. Down to 18 degrees a couple of times, but the patch of fava beans in the lower garden is still alive. The upper garden ones have died. Amazing the different climate zones on one farm.

This week I planted 115 more favas in the greenhouse and have 4 raised beds planted there now. Hoping for a good crop of tops and flowers all winter long. Also have beets and kale coming up and we are still eating from swiss chard. Still have not found someone to come plow up garden so it will be ready for planting favas in March. Hard to find help everywhere I guess.

I have needed to take less tincture lately upon adding a product called Natural Calm to my supplements. My bowels are working better and l-dopa tincture is lasting longer. The supplement is magnesium citrate. If any of you out there can explain that…I would love to know why this is. It is a welcome thing and I only take 2 teas a day at breakfast.

Still am looking for farm help …especially someone who is interested in help for their Parkinson’s Disease, but able to work and learn. We have a guest room with its own shower , etc. (Healthy meals will be provided). Send an application if interested
and Robert will forward it to me.

Have a great day.

Aunt Bean


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