Fava Beans Harvest

Well, it is July and most of the spring crop of fava beans has been harvested.  Had a very good crop of beans this spring and also fava tops for tincture…although the first picking of tops was half lost to spittlebugs this year, but the plants made up for it in successive pickings.

Hardly any aphids. I read that if you leave your pests alone..that their natural predators will move in to eat them…we do have more lady bugs this year. I have not had to spray parley water on the plants to discourage the aphids..

Have a couple new experiments going on and hoping the local college is taking an interest in my research and will help out by testing the l-dopa content in the new tinctures. Pray they will come thru on this……they have the proper equipment to do it, and it would be such a blessing to have people who could document it.

We have a hen and nine baby chicks that we are enjoying watching….people could learn a lot watching chickens….the hen is such a good teacher with good students.

Just picked a half gallon of wineberries (cousin to raspberries) and my first green beans….oh so good. We ran out of green beans a few months ago…gave too many away this year. Need to put mine all up first this year, I guess so we don’t run out again. I don’t have much appreciation for canned store beans….I like mine picked/steamed and frozen right away…that way they taste fresh picked when you go to eat them.We have been eating cabbage/greens/ yellow squash / broccoli, and cucumbers out of the greenhouse for a while..

God is Good.

Aunt Bean


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