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How to Ferment Papaya

You can ferment green papaya. I have read that those who make fermented papaya usually use the unripe greener ones. I personally prefer ripe. 
!> Wash the papaya with soapy water (if bought in a store to get germs off skin before cutting it)  Rinse well and dry
2. Peel the papaya, Cut in rings and seed the papaya (saving the seeds…they are medicinal)
3. put the papaya in a food processor ( after cutting up) and blend to smooth
4. Pour blended papaya into a glass container and add turmeric and cinnamon *I use a teaspoon of each for a large papaya
5. Cover tightly with plastic wrap ..make sure to smooth the top to exclude any air bubbles. It must not be exposed to air!
6. I put a second layer of plastic wrap on top of this to block air getting in as it ferments. Plastic will puff up and will loosen from the sides of bowl and air will contaminate.
7. Let sit room temperature for 5 to 7 days. An unripe or very firm papaya will take longer to ferment than a very ripe one. I cover it with a towel to exclude light also.
When you see puffing of plastic and see bubbles in the papaya or any sign of mold growing. Stop the ferment. If it is slimmy…throw it out. Bacteria has infiltrated.
Clean of any mold (I use a spoon to scoop off any and throw it away. If under the top layer is a good color…you have done good.
Mix salt in this to taste and refrigerate to slow more fermentation  and use about 1 or 2 Tablespoons a day to help PD symptoms.
I go one step farther and mix ground flax seed into my fermented papaya and then dehydrate it. *Place parchment paper in you dehydrator and drop cookie size blobs onto parchment and dry on a fruit temperature til completely dry. Then you can place these in Ziplock freezer bags and place in freezer to keep well. I also take these papaya cookies and grind them into powder and put a teaspoon on my morning supplements. This does very well for me.  Good luck with your papayas  .
Aunt Bean

L-Dopa from Fava Beans Using a Juicer

Aunt Bean,

I am trying to get a regular dose of dopamine for my fiance. I don’t have a juicer, do you have any ideas. It would be extremely helpful. We are both interested in nutritional alternatives.

He is very sensitive to the medicine and gets side effects from synthetics quickly.



Not having a juicer is OK…If you have a strong blender or food processor…you still may be able to puree the bean pods with it and strain the juice , removing the hard fibers from the puree.  I am very sensitive to chemicals and pharmaceuticals also….that is why I have to make myself work hard to discover natural ways of getting the L-dopa my body is short on to help me function with my PD.

Hope this helps.


Aunt Bean

Fava Bean Sprouts and Eggplant

Greetings from Bean Acres.

It is mid August now…and the produce is really coming in. Our food regimen has changed in accordance to the available fresh veggies. I am still mostly just using the dried fava top bud tincture for L-dopa. My friend ( that I am a caregiver to) has started depending now on eating 2 pod chips a day and mucuna capsule AM and PM .

The recipe for doing the bean pods (steaming/juicing/ adding salt & sweetener and ground flax seed is on this  website as a downloadable pamphlet that I put together. I feel this is a better way to use the pods. The sprout tincture to me is a last resort for people who cannot find the beans or grow them. Actually just freezing the steamed sprouted beans works well and I wouldn’t bother tincturing them after all I have experimented with at this point.

For me , it took eating about 16 sprouts early in the morning first thing for a kick start. That lasted me until about 3 in the afternoon. Ate about 4 then and again at bedtime. My L-dopa needs are much less than some. I get a lot of exercise / sunshine and fresh garden produce.

Right now my egg plants are in and I have been consuming them…need for my tincture has gone from 6 times a day to a dropper and a half am and pm. The night shade family…peppers, tomatoes and egg plant have natural nicotine , which help dopamine receptors…helping us function more efficiently. Glen Pettibone has done a lot of research in this area and we communicate frequently about the natural things that we are trying out. I am baking and freezing large quantities of egg plant while they are producing in 1 cup amounts in freezer ziplock bags. I am amazed at how wonderful I feel…thought I felt good before, but this is better. I also have watermelons right now and they are helpful for us also.

Just had a friend recommend Barleens Lignan Flax seed oil for my constipation problem and using it this week seems to have help this considerably.

God is good.

Hope this helps. God Bless you.
Aunt Bean

Natural L-Dopa

Dear Aunt bean ,

First i should thank you so much for helping to people with PD. I live in Iran and i have access easily to fresh fava . I am interested to make a tincture from fava pods for more L-dopa.i understand almost all of method , but need your help yet. Steps are :

1- remove beans from pods , and gather pods enough.
2- steam them by a device for example steam cooker to pods begin changing in
3- dry them , by a fruit drier .

Is it ok ? or i should to add brandy ?

Best Regards

I would steam the pods and then juice them to remove the indigestible fibers and make pod chips (bean blobs) according to recipe on pamphlet that is downloadable by clicking on the image on the top right of this page. They work well to supply extra l-dopa.

Hope this helps.

Sincerely ,
Aunt Bean

Can Fava Beans Work for Neuroleptic Induced Tremors?

I have parkinsonian tremors that may be the result of an antipsychotic I was given for depression, or it may be Parkinsons. I can’t go off the antipsychotic fast because i’m super sensitive to it, it may take a year or more. Can fava beans work for neuroleptic induced tremors?
I do not have anyone who has contacted me with this experience, though know one fellow using flower tincture for anxiety attacks. Do not have any recommendations on it…about all you can do is “pray and go with your own leadings whether to try fava beans or making tincture to see if they would help you. Get G6pd blood test first to check for enzyme deficiency that can be inherited that makes favas dangerous to people with favism.
God bless you and guide you.
Aunt Bean

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Treatments for Tremors

How to Treat Tremors Successfully
Everyone makes three choices about how to calm their tremors day in and day out, moment to moment.
  1.  Suppress the tremors.
  2. Treat the cause(s).
  3. Pursue both strategies.

I have concluded it makes the most sense to pursue both strategies: i.e. pursue the 3rd option: Suppress symptoms and, at the same time, address the cause. Both approaches are discussed in my new release today of Treatments for Tremors.

It is important to find therapies that suppress tremors at least temporarily for one important reason. Tremors themselves create unrelenting stress in the body. When stress escalates, tremors become more pronounced. The cycle is endless as tremors cause even more stress.

Click on the link below depending on whether you are interested in the paperback or download of Treatments for Tremors.

 P.S. My new book contains suggestions after months and months of listening to my past radio shows to extract the best and most successful natural therapies for calming tremors.

Fava Beans Tincture

Aunt Bean,

If I understand correctly, the research here:

shows that the leaves of fava beans are nearly as potent as the buds. Has anyone tried a leaf fava beans tincture?

Thanks in advance,


I began adding some of the small leaves of fava beans to the fava beans tincture (which uses leavers connected to the top bud ) for a while and didn’t feel the the tincture was as potent and after a couple of batches went back to removing all the leaves from the bud before drying. That is my only experience with trying them. I will eat a few leaves while harvesting tops and beans and they taste much like spinach and I am sure they are very nutritious also.

Aunt Bean

How Can I Get Fava Beans that Will Sprout?

Where can you buy fava beans that will sprout?

Do dried fava beans sprout?


Check local health food stores or super market grocery stores for organically grown , sproutable fava beans. Goya Brand sells favas that sprout. A lot of stores will special order some for you from their suppliers. Air dried favas will sprout, but not those that are blanched or dehydrated with heat. Bob’s Red Mill blanched dried will not sprout. We are having a good spring crop this year and I hope to save my own beans for next years planting for the first time ever. They are getting more expensive to buy in bulk. I have plenty of bought planting seeds left over this year, but they are not organic and cannot be used for food. Dry beans keep for at least 3 years and will still sprout (that is as long as I have had them in storage.

Have a blessed day.

Aunt Bean