Fava Beans Tincture

Aunt Bean,

If I understand correctly, the research here:


shows that the leaves of fava beans are nearly as potent as the buds. Has anyone tried a leaf fava beans tincture?

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I began adding some of the small leaves of fava beans to the fava beans tincture (which uses leavers connected to the top bud ) for a while and didn’t feel the the tincture was as potent and after a couple of batches went back to removing all the leaves from the bud before drying. That is my only experience with trying them. I will eat a few leaves while harvesting tops and beans and they taste much like spinach and I am sure they are very nutritious also.

Aunt Bean

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  1. Can anybody send me Aunt Bean’s protocol for tincture preparation?

    Thank you very much

  2. Hi:

    The tincture recipe is included in the free handbook. Click on the image of the handbook on the right of this website. It will be downloaded to your computer.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
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