How Can I Get Fava Beans that Will Sprout?

Where can you buy fava beans that will sprout?

Do dried fava beans sprout?


Check local health food stores or super market grocery stores for organically grown , sproutable fava beans. Goya Brand sells favas that sprout. A lot of stores will special order some for you from their suppliers. Air dried favas will sprout, but not those that are blanched or dehydrated with heat. Bob’s Red Mill blanched dried will not sprout. We are having a good spring crop this year and I hope to save my own beans for next years planting for the first time ever. They are getting more expensive to buy in bulk. I have plenty of bought planting seeds left over this year, but they are not organic and cannot be used for food. Dry beans keep for at least 3 years and will still sprout (that is as long as I have had them in storage.

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Aunt Bean

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