Can Fava Beans Work for Neuroleptic Induced Tremors?

I have parkinsonian tremors that may be the result of an antipsychotic I was given for depression, or it may be Parkinsons. I can’t go off the antipsychotic fast because i’m super sensitive to it, it may take a year or more. Can fava beans work for neuroleptic induced tremors?
I do not have anyone who has contacted me with this experience, though know one fellow using flower tincture for anxiety attacks. Do not have any recommendations on it…about all you can do is “pray and go with your own leadings whether to try fava beans or making tincture to see if they would help you. Get G6pd blood test first to check for enzyme deficiency that can be inherited that makes favas dangerous to people with favism.
God bless you and guide you.
Aunt Bean

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