Fava Bean Sprouts and Eggplant

Greetings from Bean Acres.

It is mid August now…and the produce is really coming in. Our food regimen has changed in accordance to the available fresh veggies. I am still mostly just using the dried fava top bud tincture for L-dopa. My friend ( that I am a caregiver to) has started depending now on eating 2 pod chips a day and mucuna capsule AM and PM .

The recipe for doing the bean pods (steaming/juicing/ adding salt & sweetener and ground flax seed is on this  website as a downloadable pamphlet that I put together. I feel this is a better way to use the pods. The sprout tincture to me is a last resort for people who cannot find the beans or grow them. Actually just freezing the steamed sprouted beans works well and I wouldn’t bother tincturing them after all I have experimented with at this point.

For me , it took eating about 16 sprouts early in the morning first thing for a kick start. That lasted me until about 3 in the afternoon. Ate about 4 then and again at bedtime. My L-dopa needs are much less than some. I get a lot of exercise / sunshine and fresh garden produce.

Right now my egg plants are in and I have been consuming them…need for my tincture has gone from 6 times a day to a dropper and a half am and pm. The night shade family…peppers, tomatoes and egg plant have natural nicotine , which help dopamine receptors…helping us function more efficiently. Glen Pettibone has done a lot of research in this area and we communicate frequently about the natural things that we are trying out. I am baking and freezing large quantities of egg plant while they are producing in 1 cup amounts in freezer ziplock bags. I am amazed at how wonderful I feel…thought I felt good before, but this is better. I also have watermelons right now and they are helpful for us also.

Just had a friend recommend Barleens Lignan Flax seed oil for my constipation problem and using it this week seems to have help this considerably.

God is good.

Hope this helps. God Bless you.
Aunt Bean

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