Fava Bean Sprouts L-Dopa

Fava Bean Sprouts L-Dopa

I live in Texas so I won’t be able to grow fava beans until it gets cold. But if I bought the dried beans and cooked  them, can I still get some benefits as far as symptom relief?


Dried beans soaked and cooked up do not give much L-dopa. But, if you buy organic, sproutable fava beans and soak them in filtered water for 24 hr…then sprout them 3 days according to the instructions on the downloadable booklet on Robert’s site….they have about 2mg L-dopa per sprout. They  can be steamed lightly until chewable..then frozen and used as needed. In experimenting….it took about 16 sprouts at the beginning of my day to jump start me with L-dopa and they took about 45 minutes to “Kick IN” so my finger tapping was up to speed.  I needed 3 or 4 more sprouts about 3:00 in the afternoon and at bedtime to function efficiently just on sprouts.   Make sure you read all the precautions in the book about using favas before you start trying them.    

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