Fava Beans Experiment a Success

 Success with last experiment.  Harvested fava beans. Shelled the washed beans, and steamed the pods for about a minute til bright green. Then, threw the pods in food processor and chopped them up. Spread them out on dehydrator  mesh trays and turned it on to 125 degrees for at least 14 hours til completely  dry. Next I powdered them in coffee grinder. I have been able to take one and a half teaspoons In the morning and my symptoms didn’t  start showing  up til after 4 pm  and once I was ok until morning. I put the fava powder in with my morning  supplements and let it stand about 20 minutes to  rehydrate. It WORKED  for  me.
Hope this helps someone.
Love, Aunt Bean

2 thoughts on “Fava Beans Experiment a Success

  1. I just got my first crop of fava, however small, and want to try this for hubby. I can dehydrate but why and how do you rehydrate? Can I make a tincture from the dried out pod powder?

  2. Hi. Great that you have grown your own favas. I dehydrate them to quickly preserve them. Yes, you can put dried favas in a jar and tincture them or put them in a sealed freezer zip lock to use as needed. Hope this helps. I really like putting the steamed lightly, dried and ground fava pods with my supplements in the morning with some yogurt and letting it stand 15 minutes to re- hydrate . God bless and guide you. love, Aunt Bean

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