Fava Bean Sprouts

Hello Aunt Bean.

After some research I’ve decided to grow sprouts from dry fava beans and make a tincture. I think it is better then eating pods every day. For this process I need dry beans, for example from Whole foods. Soak in water 24 hours, plant in soil, grow to 6 inch. If I understand correctly, we can cut off the shoots and they will regrow? ( so it on youtube). Is this correct?
Also, why do we have to dry the shoots in the dehydrator before soaking in brandy for a month? What is the drying time? And is the amount of levodopa greater in the sprouts then the mature pods?


Laura Vish


By the research done by some chemists on the favas in testing for strength of l-dopa. They have a larger amount of l-dopa at 4 days of sprouting. This begins at the time they are put to soak for 24 hrs. Then drain/ rinse and let drain. I let mine stand in a colander then and rinse/ drain 3 times a day. At the 4th day time point , I steamed them and chopped them fine, placing them in brandy / just covered for a month and shaking them each day. (It is better to shake 3 times a  day if you can remember)
Sprouts are not the same as pods. The green pods have different qualities and effects. Small bean pods with little baby bean seeds are said to have about the same l-dopa as green mature pods with full size beans. So, I let the grow to maturity, shell out the beans for steaming and eating, then brake the bean pods and grind them in the food processor to small pieces. Then, I put them in a jar with brandy and do” the shake “for a month .  Hope this helps.
The top bud tincture is better for me at night for sleeping. The pods for day , because in taking them at bedtime my sleep won’t come. My pod and sprout tinctures have not yet been tested for l-dopa amounts…so pray I shall someday have someone who will do this so it can be documented.   Good Luck with your experimenting with favas.
Love,  Aunt Bean

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