Winter News from the Farm

Greetings from Bean Acres!

We are still having cold weather, but in the greenhouse the fava bean beds are growing. The taller (older plantings) have been bit the hardest from the very cold nights …very many below 20 and even down to -5. But, they are hardy and are still alive. I wanted to do an update on my supplements for you all trying to do natural approach: Most are from Swanson Health Products will * these:

* B Complex 100
*Brain essentials
*Vit A&D
*CO Q 10
*Cran Max
*Hawthorne Berry, Kelp Powder Liquid Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc & D3
*Essiac Capsules
*Rhodiola Rosea(only using one capsule per week/sprinkling a small amount onto cereal) lecithin
*creatin (very small amount)
magnesium citrate
Aquas for hydration (www.aquas4life)
Homemade fava tops tincture
Fermented papaya (which I dehydrate / powder/ and keep in a jar in the refrigerator )

God is Good …starting to plan this year’s gardens and purchasing some new varieties of seeds. Have saved seed from the things I enjoyed most last year. Looking forward to sunshine and fresh vegies again…the winter is long this year, but probably before we know it

We will be complaining that it is too hot.

Blessings to all.

Keep warm and keep smiling.

Aunt Bean

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