Fava Beans

Aunt Bean is putting out a call for help on her fava beans farm. Here is the call below:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

“Is there someone with PD , or has a loved one with PD who would like to spend a week or more learning about natural helps for PD ? Must be able and willing to put in half days of hard farm work to help get ready for spring planting this year… Aunt Bean has a room with it’s own bathroom to accommodate you.

Must be a person that does not smoke/ drink/ do drugs,  or use bad language. Would be great if the person enjoys bluegrass/country and gospel music, we have wonderful places to go jam or just  listen. There will be food provided for helping and the learning is a

If you are interested in the position as a working vacation for a week or two, please send your application to Robert Rodgers at Parkinsons Recovery  (robert@parkinsonsrecovery.com) and he will forward them to me.

1. Name and email
2. Age and ability to work
3. Interests
4. Why you would like to be a part of this research ?
5. Do you or someone you love have PD and you want to learn better
how to combat this disease?

A couple working together would be fine for the job. There is room
for two people in the master bedroom that you would occupy..as long as
you get along with each other ok!!!!”

Aunt Bean


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