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Fava Beans Survived the Heavy Rains

Dear Robert

Just wanted to fill you in on my exciting news.  I got home from work after all the storms, and the fava seedlings had not washed away…as a matter of fact, I have a pretty good stand of them.   They “held their ground” just like we have to do & kept “on top of things. I planted about 6 more pounds of seed this weekend in raised rows…so with the continuing rains, they should be ok. The garden did “wash ” quite a bit and I have gullies from the “little rivers cutting their way thru during the times when the Cloud-bursts came.    Anyway, so far all is well in the fava patch so far, praise God.

Pray for a good fall crop!    Blessings to all..

Aunt Bean

P.S. Well, Dad called and said he just watched another muddy river going past the front of the house….The favas made it thru the last heavy rains…perhaps they are “hanging in there” once again…they are surely amazing and a gift from God. He has promised to supply all our needs.

When It Rains It Pours

We finally had rain…the first actual rain in weeks.  2 hrs of gentle and then a “belly-washer”.  There was a river of brown mud going down in front of the house.  I am at work and will not get to see if any damage was done until Friday evening (the new sprouting beans could all have been washed away)

I have just purchased 25 lbs of favas and can replace them, but our fall crop will be 2 weeks ( plus ) behind schedule.  God knows best.  Will let you know how things look next week.


Aunt Bean

First Fava Beans of the Fall

It’s August already and the very first of the fall Favas are beginning to emerge from out off the ground.  I am so thankful that at least some of them didn’t die in the terrible drought conditions we have experienced. I will know how many survived in about a week after more pop through the hard ground.

They are the most amazing plant I have ever seen.  So vigorous under such adverse conditions.  Just the way we have to be…

don’t give up..
keep pressing on…
bend with the wind and
become stronger day  by day.

A local health food store just got me in 25 lbs of organic, sproutable fava beans. The company didn’t know the variety, but all favas contain l-dopa … so it’s ok.  Certain ones might not do as well in our area, but we shall see! Just keep praying for rain for the farm.

If we can harvest enough tops, then I can dry them, and be able to sell them to people with PD along with instructions on how to make their own tincture at home.

I did harvest some grapes and am trying an experiment. I juiced the grapes thru a champion juicer. It “spit out” the seeds and skins. I dried them and placed them in a jar, covering them with brandy.  That will set for a month and be shaken daily (like the fava tincture)  We’ll see if it has any effect.

Will let you know if a good crop of Windsors comes up and when  the new beans are planted that we’ve been blessed with.

Aunt Bean

Seed Planting, Tinctures, Blood Tests and Irrigation

Things at the farm are going well. I’ve just planted about 425 fava seeds and have 25 lb on order at a health food store. We finally received a little rain the last couple of days and I hope it was soon enough to save the fava seeds that were sprouted and planted Monday. The ground was so dry and they were calling for rain on Monday and Tuesday, but we never got any of it ( though it rained hard just 5 miles away).  I carried jugs out and tried to hit the rows, but it is hard when no plants are up yet.

We just called a couple of well drilling companies to see how much it would be to dig a well for irrigation purposes. They both estimated $6,000 in our area. which, right now, is not within my budget.  So, I will continue to catch rain water from the barn roof in rain barrels and carry to individul plants.   EXERCIZE is good for PD !  Maybe next year will be easier.

**I have been on the fava tincture for 9 full months now  and have decided to get a CBC blood draw and check my blood levels to compare it to what I was a few years ago.  I am curious to see if the tincture has changed anything. I  feel well….but am curious.  My daughter is a nurse practitioner and I will be able to discuss results with her over the phone….as I still have no interest in giving money to a doctor for what I can figure out on my own.

I believe we are responsible for our own well-being …not a doctor. We have a place called “Any Blood Test Now” where you can go and request a blood draw for any condition without a doctor’s order / and they send the results to you (and also your doctor if requested).   Pretty convenient, huh?

Oh, we have a grape arbor with grapes starting to ripen and I am trying to find out if I can make my own grapeseed extract or anything else medicinal from the grapes…(new project).  Also, there are hundreds of chicory plants blooming on the property and I am going to try making flower essence and tincture from them….Lots to do…no boredom on the farm.

Now one of my friends is calling me …..

Blessings to you………..

Aunt Bean  (Sandra)

P.S. But….still no name for the farm,  any ideas?

Update from the Fava Bean Farm

Dad has plowed the unplanted portion of the garden area  & disked it.  It is ready for planting more favas for fall. I received 4 lbs of Windsor Favas from Fedco Seed Company this week (the last of their stock) and was blessed to find out at the local health food store that they could order me a 25 lb bag of organic favas…and will call me to let me know if they are still available.  God is good.

I have big hopes that the fall crop will receive more rain than the spring crop had.   We are still in drought conditions and I have only watered a plant if it wilted over (the kushaw pumpkins and melons had to be watered 3 times now) and I have watered tiny plants and newly planted seeds, which is a lot of walking with heavy buckets.

The tincture is still all I need for support…in October my “non-clinical trial” will have gone on for a year. Oh, the mucuna beans I planted on the back side of the barn are now about 11 feet tall! Incredible!!

Blessings to you all…..

Aunt Bean

Fava Beans are Growing

Hi Robert,

Just wanted to let you know that the fava beans are growing .  The second planting has bore beans even in 90 degree heat and drought conditions.  I have started my 3rd batch of tincture and should be able to pick more tops in a couple days to start another. We are blessed with soil that has only been in hay for years. Otherwise it could not have supplied the needs of the plants….so the plants can in turn supply our needs.

We had our support group meetig at the farm June 15th. About 34 people came…some new PD’ers we had never met before.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, even though we had a storm and the electricity was off from 6PM to 9PM. We used a flashlight in the bathroom and could still see well in the rest of the house.

Tincture is still working well for me …since taking it since October. I have had to increase drops to 6 & now take it several times a day…but that is not a problem and keeps me functioning.   I am still anxious to find a research person interested in the project to work with , who could do in depth studies on the plant and products we have developed.

God bless your work.


Honey Bees and Fava Beans

The beans are growing well despite not having rain (probably because the ground is good).  I am concerned because there have only been a couple honey bees seen around. No Bees/No Beans.

Hopefully they are just later than usual showing up.

The farm is shaping up and I am making as much as possible wheelchair accessible and two people can stroll together through rows.

We had our support group meeting last night and everyone is excited about coming out for a picnic for our June meeting.

Take care,


Fava Beans on the Farm

The farm is going well, lots of hard work, but the tincture is still making it possible to get the job done. I planted over 7 pounds of favas (and seven varieties this year). They are beautiful.

We are having our PD support group meeting at the farm the third Tues of June. I am making the gardens handicapped accessible/ and two people can walk easily down the rows to pick or just exercize or push a wheelchair.  God is Good.