Update from the Fava Bean Farm

Dad has plowed the unplanted portion of the garden area  & disked it.  It is ready for planting more favas for fall. I received 4 lbs of Windsor Favas from Fedco Seed Company this week (the last of their stock) and was blessed to find out at the local health food store that they could order me a 25 lb bag of organic favas…and will call me to let me know if they are still available.  God is good.

I have big hopes that the fall crop will receive more rain than the spring crop had.   We are still in drought conditions and I have only watered a plant if it wilted over (the kushaw pumpkins and melons had to be watered 3 times now) and I have watered tiny plants and newly planted seeds, which is a lot of walking with heavy buckets.

The tincture is still all I need for support…in October my “non-clinical trial” will have gone on for a year. Oh, the mucuna beans I planted on the back side of the barn are now about 11 feet tall! Incredible!!

Blessings to you all…..

Aunt Bean

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