Fava Beans Survived the Heavy Rains

Dear Robert

Just wanted to fill you in on my exciting news.  I got home from work after all the storms, and the fava seedlings had not washed away…as a matter of fact, I have a pretty good stand of them.   They “held their ground” just like we have to do & kept “on top of things. I planted about 6 more pounds of seed this weekend in raised rows…so with the continuing rains, they should be ok. The garden did “wash ” quite a bit and I have gullies from the “little rivers cutting their way thru during the times when the Cloud-bursts came.    Anyway, so far all is well in the fava patch so far, praise God.

Pray for a good fall crop!    Blessings to all..

Aunt Bean

P.S. Well, Dad called and said he just watched another muddy river going past the front of the house….The favas made it thru the last heavy rains…perhaps they are “hanging in there” once again…they are surely amazing and a gift from God. He has promised to supply all our needs.

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