Seed Planting, Tinctures, Blood Tests and Irrigation

Things at the farm are going well. I’ve just planted about 425 fava seeds and have 25 lb on order at a health food store. We finally received a little rain the last couple of days and I hope it was soon enough to save the fava seeds that were sprouted and planted Monday. The ground was so dry and they were calling for rain on Monday and Tuesday, but we never got any of it ( though it rained hard just 5 miles away).  I carried jugs out and tried to hit the rows, but it is hard when no plants are up yet.

We just called a couple of well drilling companies to see how much it would be to dig a well for irrigation purposes. They both estimated $6,000 in our area. which, right now, is not within my budget.  So, I will continue to catch rain water from the barn roof in rain barrels and carry to individul plants.   EXERCIZE is good for PD !  Maybe next year will be easier.

**I have been on the fava tincture for 9 full months now  and have decided to get a CBC blood draw and check my blood levels to compare it to what I was a few years ago.  I am curious to see if the tincture has changed anything. I  feel well….but am curious.  My daughter is a nurse practitioner and I will be able to discuss results with her over the phone….as I still have no interest in giving money to a doctor for what I can figure out on my own.

I believe we are responsible for our own well-being …not a doctor. We have a place called “Any Blood Test Now” where you can go and request a blood draw for any condition without a doctor’s order / and they send the results to you (and also your doctor if requested).   Pretty convenient, huh?

Oh, we have a grape arbor with grapes starting to ripen and I am trying to find out if I can make my own grapeseed extract or anything else medicinal from the grapes…(new project).  Also, there are hundreds of chicory plants blooming on the property and I am going to try making flower essence and tincture from them….Lots to do…no boredom on the farm.

Now one of my friends is calling me …..

Blessings to you………..

Aunt Bean  (Sandra)

P.S. But….still no name for the farm,  any ideas?

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