Storms at the Farm

Boy did we have storms Friday nite.  Water came in torrents and we had a river flowing in front of the house and down thru the lower garden…carpeting in the upper garden paths washed down and rolled up and piled up. Where the yard dips off and the lower garden starts,
there was a little spot of white water.

If I could have gotten to the barn and got my kayak…could have rode all the way to the road. All roads were flooded. It was really something.  Lots of clean up and repair to do in garden, but GOD IS GOOD..

It didn’t take the house/barn or scare the poor little rabbits to death (would have me if I’d been a tiny little bunny in a metal cage /with a metal roof and lightning everywhere!!

By Saturday night, it was dry enough to pick beans again. It’s all good. 

God Bless

Aunt Bean

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