Mucuna as a Natural Dopamine Supplement

The mucuna I have been taking is not helping. Comments?

“I have grown fava and mucuna here at the farm. My bean of choice is fava personally. Mucuna is powerful and gives extra strength and energy when needed desperately. Fava is like a gentle support that works and you hardly know you’ve taken anything.. I’m just functional.

I usually take tincture upon rising and didn’t yet this morning. Holding my right hand over the mouse..I have a slight tremor (my right hand is not usually the one that is effected…PD is already on both sides, but as long as I take tincture when I feel my neck pain coming on or my left arm stop swinging…I have NO Symptoms. It’s great.

If the mucuna you tried didn’t work, may I suggest trying the mucuna from Swansons Health products in capsules. 800-437-4148. They are in Fargo, ND.

My friend takes 2 in AM/Lunch/supper She is taking tincture thru the day also….but has had PD awhile.

How long have you been diagnosed? If l-dopa doesn’t help, your symptoms may be from another cause.

Check out the book Natural Therapies for Parkinsons Disease by Dr. Laurie K Mischley. You may find what you are looking for there.

God Bless

Aunt Bean

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