Spring Farm Update on Fava Beans

It is now the middle of April and the last fava beans that I planted in March are starting to peep out of the soil. Now comes weeding , banking the soil and bedding them down with grass clippings or old hay.  Just completed a long pole bean tunnel with bamboo and twine.

Might be a mistake, I’ve only done individual tee-pees before and they stood up under strong winds. Might regret a long structure with heavy beans during storms….but pray it will stand. The trees are starting to leaf or bloom. The weeping cherry is gorgeous, but the blooms don’t last long. The cuttings I took from the plum,peach, fig , grapes, blueberries and cheery trees and bushes during a warm spell a couple months ago are trying to form roots in the greenhouse pits. If they can root well in the next couple months..they will be transplanted into individual pots til fall and then planted outside to grow.

Nothing like fresh fruit…working toward growing as much as possible on Bean Acres…propagating our own trees is even more special, beside being free. It is exciting to see new life coming on each day and more bees out working. Lots to do, but the pleasure outweighs the achy muscles.

Hope you all have a wonderful day…..get outside, breathe
deeply and get some sunshine!

God Bless!

Aunt Bean

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