Easter Sunday at Aunt Bean’s Fava Beans Farm

It is the last day of March…Easter Sunday at Aunt Bean’s. Surprisingly, Aunt Bean was able to rise up out of bed and start the day at the fava beans farm.

Yesterday was beautiful…the ground was dryer than it has been yet and I was able to get into the low garden with the new rototiller. (200 pounds that could rip your arms off when hitting a rock and lunging forward). I tilled for 2 hours/ate/tilled for 2 more..needless to say…my body did not appreciate what I put it thru. I also made the mistake of sitting down exhausted without a cool down exercise /extra water or tincture…bad idea!  The old grey mare she aint what she used to be many long years ago!   “Rode hard and put up wet” is an expression the old timers had…now I understand it completely if the horses got into the shape I did last evening.

My grampa used to say…”If something makes you sore…get out and do the same thing the next day”  He was precious. He.had his back broken in a mining accident and made garden by hand in a body cast that summer for his wife and 6 kids!  If he can do it…I can too. He had PD , but up in his eighties he caught alot of fish with those shakey hands..very good worm action on the end of the line!

There are about 1400 fava bean seeds planted now and the first ones put in are just starting to come up.  I am sore but thankful to be able to work the land God has given and make my own supplements for
PD…God Is Good.
Hope you have a blessed Resurrection Day. WE  SHALL  RISE…..some of us just need a little boost today.

God Bless,

Aunt Bean

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