Papaya Chips Offer Relief from Parkinsons Symptoms

Still having wonderful effects from the fermented papaya that I have been making since November. It has truly helped my symptoms, especially the night time difficulties that had become increasingly worse. I felt like the hunch back of Notre Dame from a movie watched in 6th grade.  My left hand was drawn to my chest/ severe right foot drag/ and right arm flailing to try to keep my balance on the once nightly trip to the bathroom.

In the last month, I decided to take a little more than I had been using and low and behold…the night  time trips are back to normal walking again.  It still takes walking on my right foot for about 10 minutes in the morning for it to straighten up & Fly Right!   But that is ok with me…it is the slowest thing to “come around” after my first fava tincture dose in the morning. (The foot drag was the first major symptom after a diving accident in 7th grade.)

A lot of PD’ers had symptoms early in life when major stress emotionally or physically came into their life.  Then the symptoms will disapear until the next major stress comes along.

Here is my current recipe for making the Dried Fermented Papaya Chips

1.  Buy a papaya and let it sit on the kitchen counter until ripe (can gently push skin like a peach)
2.  Wash outside of skin with soapy water & rinse well/Peel and discard skin….mash the fruit.
*the seeds are edible in small amounts-like a few on salad/but can possibly cause miscarriage
if  pregnant

3.  Place mashed fruit in a very clean container (I use a 2 Quart corningware casserole)
4.  For 3 Cups I mix in 1 teaspoon each of turmeric and cinnamon spice
5.  Place plastic wrap directly on the top of the papaya mash and chase out air bubbles starting at the
center . You want to block out all air.  Seal on the side/ then place another sheet of plastic on top .
(to create a double seal
6.  Let the mixture sit on the kitchen counter for 7 days to ferment
7.  Remove plastic. Check color of mixture…it should still be pretty orange top to bottom
If there is some dark areas on the top./or any mold….remove and discard this
*use only nice clear orange…if it has spoiled, throw it out. I lost one batch & had to remove an
inch from the top from another,   usually the whole amount is usable.

8   I add about 3 Tablespoons of ground flaxseed, a teaspoon of salt, a Tablespoon of Agave
to about 3 Cups of mash .  Stir well and let stand about 20 minutes , stir well again.
9.  Place in a dehydrator. on unbleached parchment paper in teaspoonful blobs
10.  Turn on dehydrator (I use living foods temp on excaliber) but if  yours has no temperature control
It will work at higher temperature

Well, this came from reading about the last Pope using papaya for his PD. Hope some of you are able to make this and try it for yourself.


Aunt Bean

2 thoughts on “Papaya Chips Offer Relief from Parkinsons Symptoms

  1. I live in the tropics. I think that the mixture will ferment faster in our climate. What do you think?

  2. Fermenting is faster when the temperatures are warm. Also, the riper the papaya is…the faster it will ferment. Make sure no air can come in contact with papaya. If you start seeing any mold, stop the ferment, carefully remove the top layer. If there is any sliminess …throw it out. I had a bad batch once and had to just discard it. Hope this helps.

    Aunt Bean

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