A New Treatment for Constipation

Just a quick note to let you know that I have come across something else that is helping two of my difficulties: Organic Blackstrap Molasses. I was researching to see if it is healthy or not, because it is a byproduct of sugar cane. The information said it was good for acid reflux and constipation.

Constipation has been a problem since my diving accident in 7th grade (when my foot drag first appeared). I don’t have acid reflux (have very rarely)  But, have a problem with the “door” to the stomach not opening to receive food or liquids sometimes.

I thought, that’s the same area at least needing help … can’t hurt to try it. Well, I have taken a teaspoon every day for a week or so and my bowels are moving much better and the digestive system is cooperating also.

Fermented papaya still a major blessing.  Also still eating stewed rhubard and strawberries.

Favas in the 50′ covered raised bed are starting to flower. I planted 3 raised beds with favas on Monday in a cold rain (about 100 sprouting seeds).  So, this year’s garden is on it’s way.   I should have a lot more planted by now, but the weather is not cooperating.

God is good, we still have tincture from last year to go on.

I have just enjoyed “Howard’s blog on Chi Gong….interesting enough….I do alot of the same stretches with no involvement in yoga, etc.   The stretches & torquing my muscles (like full body isometrics…using my muscles against each other) have been part of my life since about 2003.  Perhaps that is a major part of my not succumbing to my symptoms of PD/ along with a mostly vegetarian diet. I eat eggs, a small amount of deer meat occasionally/ and fish plus dance /do hard work in the garden/ play music and sing.

God is so good.

Blessings from Aunt Bean

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