Fava Beans for Newly Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

After not coping well with my first synthetic drug (Bromocriptine) for my newly diagnosed Parkinson’s disease, I started researching,  and found PARKINSON’S RECOVERY and a lot of interesting stuff. Mostly, I was looking for an alternative medicine – something natural. Found your information on fava beans, and I am inspired to grow some and see what happens.  I live in Vancouver, a good fava beans climate, I’m guessing.

So, my question is this:

How soon do the beans work their magic?  An hour after ingesting?  2hours? 4 hours?  8 hours?

How long does the amount of half a cup of cooked beans last on a person?

I have no idea what I’m doing, but felt that the beans are working.  The first time I had them, I went to a book club meeting shortly thereafter, and 2 hours later, I think it was, I started noticing I was feeling different. Usually I am the first to leave (10 PM I’m done!).  But that night I was wide awake and felt less nervous, less shaky on myleft side (where my troubles are starting to show) and also my voice was louder. I was amazed they all heard a comment they made, as usually people can’t hear me very well – especially with a loud crowd of women alltalking at a party volume.

The next day, I made bean cookies, and ate 3-4, and felt okay, but felt like my belly was hot. 2 hours later, I went for a run and felt okay, but not dramatically different.

Could you please tell me more?  I’m not sure what amount to eat, when to eat it and how often.

I hope you can help me!

Thanks for all your great info so far. Oh – and if you know anyone that sells a tincture, let me know please. I live in Vancouver B.C.



It depends on the person when the beans take effect and how long it
lasts…each person and each set of PD symptoms are so different…as
different as you individual fingerprint…we are all unique.  For me,
I am taking my fava top tincture as my mainstay for alleviating
symptoms. I eat 2 or 3 fava sprout balls a day also now and my face
and eyes seem more alive with that little bit of extra l-dopa and I
am sure because of all the many constituents of the beans themselves
over what is in the tops of the plants.

I still need a bio-chemist to work with me on this. I want to know too
just why and how they work. And, very thankful that they do!!

A friend who is using the sprout balls for supplementing her Sinemet
doses says a couple hours later she begins to notice that her tremor
is gone. She uses 2 or three balls several times a day and says she
feels much better using them.

Did you get a G6pd blood test to make sure you do not have favism?
It is so important to do this. Talk to your doctor and let him know
what you are trying to do with natural things for PD. He might not
know a thing about favas, but could research about them. Also, any
meds you are on may have to be reduced because you are getting l-dopa
from the beans.

Some people do well on a meal of favas once a day..but that might
be fresh green favas, not the older ones canned in stores. There is
even more l-dopa in the young green pods. If you know a grower or
have space to grow your own, that is best.

I am experimenting right now on a complete kitchen tincture. It
will be completed Nov 17th and I will post on the results and if it is
possible for “you-all” to make something from the fava sprouts grown
hydroponically in the kitchen to make your own tincture.

There is no one I know that sells fava top tincture. Wish there was.
I wouldn’t have to work so hard! But, it is great to be able to make
your own l-dopa supplement and not have side-effects (other than lack
of tremor and other aggravating symptoms of PD). It has changed my

Hope this helps..all we can do is experiment to find what works for each person individually….and try papaya!

God Bless You.


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