Dosage for Fava Beans

With natural sources of l-dopa, how do you determine dosages? Start small and gradually build to therapeutic levels?

Is there a Natural Practitioner” in the Chesapeake/ VA Beach, VA area?

Thanks again, and God bless you!  


I have a friend with PD in Canada who has been using fava beans and mucuna beans for years and he does testing.  I sent my tincture that I made up to him  and he tested it (/then had a college boy at our church (who has moved away) that had his chemistry professor test it and he got the same reading.

I am not a scientist..just a person with PD who has studied herbs and have made my own echinacea root tinctures for many years…now experimenting with natural things for PD on myself. I start very small and build gradually with anything until I find MY perfect dose.

Also with fava…have a G6pd blood test done to check for favism before starting at all. I don’t know anyone in Va Beach…check in phone book for a naturopath or osteopath / or check on line for a Neuroscience practitioner in your area and you might find someone that way that can help you.  I just try to stay away from doctors completely and do a lot of research and experimenting and growing different plants on my own to work with. I have a friend that explored the Meridian Institute in VA Beach and it to be helpful.

Hope this helps

Aunt Bean

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