Fava Beans Winter Farm Update 2015

Well, it is January 2015. This seems unbelievable to me as I
think back in time and remember that I didn’t think we would see 2000.
But somehow, the world marches on. Some of us to the beat of a different drummer, but still we march!

It is about a month and a half away from the time to plant fava beans here in East Tennessee. It has been so cold already that I have not been able to work in the garden much to make necessary preparations for them yet. Was able to get out Monday for several hours and cut down 2 patches of corn stalks / tomato , pepper and okra plants. Put up a few of the bean tepees and finished cutting pallets in half for a raised bed. ..in which I piled corn stalks to breakdown and create looser soil for potatoes to grow better in. Wanted to inform you also that Aunt Bean is signed up for Rock Steady Boxing Training Camp in Indianapolis , Indiana in April.

I met these people at the WORLD PARKINSON’S CONGRESS in Montreal Canada . I was so impressed that I wanted to participate in their program and get others involved. Also, a new fava booklet has just been published and is available in paper form and will soon be available as a pdf download. It has been heavy on my mind to get this finished and finally it is done! Hope you all are trying to get some sunshine these cold winter days…and exercise can be had anywhere….dance for PD has a DVD that you can use in your own home. Just don’t sit around . Do something creative and fun today.

Much Love,

|Aunt Bean

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